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                   Ductwork Installation Tips and Tricks 3


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18. Oval Stack Extension Trick

Years ago, when exterior walls were built from 2 x 4-s it was very important to connect an Oval 90* to Oval Stack before it has to be dropped in the basement. Not anymore! Nowadays you can just drop it for a couple of inches down just like in the interior walls and hook it up in the basement later.

The situation that you can see in the picture occurred because a rougher made some kind of math mistake. My teammate comes up with a weird idea how to fix it, but I resolve this issue in five minutes! How did I do that?

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19. How to Hook up a Heat Run Trick

As you can see this heat run is surrounded by joists and 24” x 8” duct will be hung up right under…

How did I hook it up?

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20. How to Make an 8” (12”, 14” or 16”) Pipe from Smaller Size Pipe

Have you ever needed a 12" galvanized pipe, or maybe 14”, or 16”? If so you can easily make it from the pipes of a smaller size.
Just recently I was installing a ductwork system and noticed that the roughers didn’t extended a 12” pipe down long enough. So I had a choice: order this pipe from the shop, cut 13” off of it and trash the rest, or just make a piece from the pipes I already had. Guess what I chose…

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There are 6 pictures on the page.

21. How to Open up a Hem Tip

This thing in the photo is a slip-on cap. They use it as a top cap for a plenum. Normally this type of caps made on a Manual Straight Brake machine and the worker do not squeeze the hem too tight, but this one was made on the other kind of machine that rolls the hem right through. This operation makes the hem very tight and subsequently deprives an installer from making the plenum box!

However there is a simple technique that allows you to open the hem up in a matter of seconds!

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There are 8 pictures on the page.

22. How to Take Apart a Duct Trick

Let’s say you put together an extra duct. What should you do now? Send it back to the shop – no, bad idea! During transportation this duct will be definitely crumpled, or it will be crumpled at the shop, or on the way to a new jobsite…
Just take it apart!

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There are 4 pictures on the page.

23. How to Fold Drive’s End Trick

Everyone in this business knows that after drive was hammered in place its rounded-off end should be folded over the duct. But what would you do if there is no room for it, just like in the picture to the left…

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24. How to Organize Your Basement Work Tips

For the fast and easy ductwork installation it’s very important to know how to organize your job site. For many it’s a no-brainer and they were trained to do it right from the beginning, unfortunately for others it’s not the case. There are 35 picures on the page.

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25. How to Make a Duct Tip

I wouldn’t say it happens daily, but sometimes you have to make a piece of duct.
Of course if you need 8’ or even 4’ of duct it would be better to order it from the shop. But if you need a shorter piece, then just make it from the duct you have!

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