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                  Ductwork Installation Tips and Tricks 4


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26. How to Make Cold Air Duct Looks Straight Trick

As you can see in the picture to the left this duct is sagging down. Of course its not a big deal, but it looks unprofessional...

So, what can you do to fix it?

Some installers screw an S-cleat right next to the sagging corner, but it doesn't looks good! However there is a simple trick to make it right and no one ever would guess what have been done.

There are 8 pictures on the page.

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27. How to Use Drive-cleat Tips and Tricks

Every ductwork installer knows how to use drive-cleats. Is this statement true or false? Well, according to my experience it's definitely false!
Why? I do not know why... However, I'm sorry but I know it for sure. During my 30 years in this business I realized that because there is no comprehensive Ductwork Installation book on the market every 3-month experienced guy training a newbie and as a result nobody knows anything...

There are 7 pictures on the page.

So, for the price of only $1.00 you can learn how to use Drive-cleats the right way.

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28. How to Cut Holes in Duct with Lightning Speed Tip

No, of course it isn't about red aviation offset snips or a hole cutter that you can see in the picture on the left. This tool would make you to cut holes even faster!

Don't you want to know what this magic tool is? Great! For the price of only $1.00 I'll let you know it!

There are 5 pictures on the page.

29. How to Make Oval Template Tip

I know that many of you do not use templates at all! They just trace take-offs and that's it - done!! But it's wrong, it's sloppy and unprofessional. The holes made this way could be bigger or smaller and if you need to place two or three heat runs in one joist space I even do not know how these geniuses would do that...

So, a round template is a very important tool, but an oval one even more useful. But how someone would make this kind of template? Well, it's very simple, and for the price of only $1.00 I'll show you what should be done.

There are 4 pictures on the page.

30. How to Work with Round to Oval 90* Boot Trick

If you are working on the heat-runs and using Round to Oval 90* Boots there is no problem if joists are 9" tall. However it isn't always the case... If joists are 12" or even 16" tall and your heat run is very short then what would you do?

Of course there is a simple solution - just add a short piece of pipe and keep working...
But is it a smart solution? Well, in this case you will spend some time on measuring, cutting and installing this freaking piece! You can do better than that!

If you'd like to know how to resolve this issue and save some time please click on the Buy Now button below and for the price of only $1.00 get an instant access to a solution you are looking for.

There are 4 pictures on the page.

31. How to Use Sawhorses Tips

If you would buy Tips for Residential HVAC Installation book by Larry Gardner (see it on this page on the right) in the Tip 1 he is writing:

"For a job site workbench I use two folding sawhorses and a 30" x 80" oak veneer hollow core door slab"??? - Well, if you are a seasoned installer and afraid to get any back problems sawhorses are irreplaceable! But a door??? In my opinion it's overkill! I cannot picture myself running around with a door slab and making a fool out of myself... While watching me carrying a 30" x 80" door down to the basement all the other trades working with me at the house they may whisper to each-other: this guy is a dangerous idiot, stay away from him... And of course it's not like I afraid to kick somebody's ass by this door anyways, but I just hate to buy a new one every other day...

However, reading this book is a lot of fun and you can purchase it by clicking on the link.

Now, let's come back to our sawhorses.

Yes, I never used them before and yes, I use them now daily. If you don't have too much experience of using them on a job site or never thought how to use them efficiently purchase these useful tips for the price of only $1.00 and believe me you won't be disappointed!

There are 14 pictures on the page.

32. New Way of Snapping Plenum Together Trick 

The company I'm currently working for is using large 20"(23") x 20" x 60" plenums. Actually to the job-site they deliver two pieces that you can see in the picture and my task is to measure, cut to length, snap it together, fold the hem and install the top cap, etc.

However it's a challenge to keep these huge pieces of plenum in place - they are wobbling and shaking and it doesn't allow you, while snapping, keep corners even to each other.

So, eventually I resolved this issue and for the price of only $1.00 I'm ready to share it with you.

There are 3 pictures on the page.

33. How to Line up PVC 90*-s & 45*-s Tip

Well it's not very difficult to do. Everyone who is running PVC exhausts and intakes for the high efficiency furnaces doing that one way or the other. One would just eyeball it and another would use the other method, but recently I've discovered very simple and 100% accurate technique and for the price of only $1.00 I'll share it with you!

There are 6 pictures on the page.

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