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                                           Ductwork Installation Guide

                     Professional Duct Installer Edition

This part of the Ductwork Installation Guide e-book provides all necessary knowledge to a person who is willing to become a new constriction ductwork/furnace installer – a ducter. A lot of big HVAC companies separate their work-force in three parts: Rough-in, Basement, and Final-out and the ductwork/furnace installation is the second part of the trade.

A ducter is a pro who is installing all necessary elements of the HVAC system that consequently will be exposed in the basement. It’s why his job is very important because a homeowner is going to see the results of his work maybe to the rest of his/her life and others may make an opinion about the company he is working for based on how the basement part was done.

After the Basement part of installation is done the Final-out part is going to be performed in the future. The final-out part usually consist of many parts that are performed by the pro who is trained to work with the refrigerants and wiring diagrams and only partially presented in the Ductwork part of the Ductwork Installation Guide e-book.

The Professional Ducter Edition e-book has chapters taken from the Basement part of the Ductwork Installation Guide e-book strictly dedicated to this part of the trade, plus two more from the Rough-in part. These additional chapters provide important info on what kinds of tools and materials ductwork/furnace installers usually use.

If you purchase the Professional Ducter Edition e-book you are going to have 1086 photos, including tools, materials and installation on 415 pages. 

The price for Ductwork Installation Guide Professional Ducter Edition e-book is only $46.00

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This is an on-line version of the book. No CD version is available at this time.

Professional Ducter Edition

ROUGH-IN (Chapter-by-Chapter Description of the Contents 1)

1. Introduction, Tools and Equipment

BASEMENT (Chapter-by-Chapter Description of the Contents 2)

33. Basement
Preparation of Workplace
34. Sheeting (Panning)
35. Variants
Sheeting Installation from Cold Air Return Duct
36. Double Sheeting
37. Furnace Installation
38. Plenum Installation
39. Ductwork Installation
40. Cold Air Return Duct Installation
41. Supply Duct Installation
42. Calculation and Manufacturing Off-set and Riser
43. Heat Runs Installation
44. Jumper Installation
45. Application of 8” Pipes and Fittings
46. Basement Heats
47. Fresh Air, Combustion Air

49. Venting
50. Condensate Line, Venting and Condensate

Line for Comfortmaker and Aire-Flo furnaces
55. Installation of Heating System in Big Houses

62. Uncommon Cases


         Ductwork Installation Guide Professional Duct Installer Edition $46.00
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