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List of Simple Questions 18

On the List of Simple Questions page and on the others alike (see links to them below), you can find answers to all spectrums of issues this website is dedicated for!
If your search engine sent you to this page that means, that a similar question was asked before and you will be able to find the correct answer that you are looking for.
Some of the questions are simple enough and you can find answers right here on this page.
The others are more complicated and I provided links to the pages on my site where you can find free information.
For the third part of the questions that are not that simple, as you may think, I provided links to the paid pages or books on my site.
So, please scroll down, find your question and good luck! 

180 degree galvanized transition 3.25x10.
You can buy two on the right.

95 Trane furnace intake slope.

Code require ¼” per foot for exhaust. Intake could be run straight, but they always run it along with the exhaust because this way it looks better.

Adding scoops to existing ductwork.

Pull out a take-off, insert a scoop, screw it to the duct, and reinstall a take-off.

Are dampers allowed at duct take offs in clothes dryer rooms?

Only place where you should not put any damper is a cold air return.

At what size would you cross break ductwork?
Any duct size require cross brake unless you are using very low gauge sheet metal.

Best flex duct for attic.

The best flex should have R8 and aluminized outer sleeve.

Buy duct work.
Yes, you can buy some ductwork right here on this page on the right.

Can 5 inches round duct be used as a cold air return?
Well, if it’s for a very small room, then yes.

Can an over the microwave vent the air out of my house?
Well, this is what it’s designed for…

Can basement air be used for furnace return air?
Yes, but only if it’s a small part of the entire return air.

Can closing some vents cause and oil furnace to make a whistling noise?

Absolutely! Learn how do it right and save some money on your utility bill on this page.

Can condensate pipes go into storm water drain?

Theoretically yes, but I do not see a situation when it is practically possible to do…

Can furnace companies stop duct work noises?
In theory yes, but for years on a few Forum websites I’m watching their awkward attempts to help people online  and… Just get more info on this and on the following page.

Banging, Oil Canning Noise Elimination

The banging noise that you hear is the expanding and contracting of the ductwork when the system turns on and off. This could be caused by a few different reasons. It could be:

Can gas hvac condensation in crawl space freeze during the winter months?
If your crawl space is unconditioned, then yes.

Can heat duct takeoff be opposite each other?


Can humidifier be installed in front of ac coil?

I do not know if there are any restrictions on that, but personally I wouldn’t do that.

Can I wrap a towel around my furnace pipe to stop loud tapping noise?

No. You have to find out where this noise is coming from and the best help you can find is on this page.

Can PVC pipe be used as fresh air supply in utility room?
I do not see any problems with that, but a mechanical inspector may have a different opinion on that. They always have some weird ideas, so I would ask my city inspector first.

Can undersized supply ducts cause furnace to short cycle?
It may trip a furnace limit control, but otherwise it will increase cycle.

Can unplugging your condensate pump lead to carbon monoxide?


Can you bury galvanized ductwork?
No, because it’s not designed to withstand constant contact with water.

Can you vent microwave through basement?
Absolutely! Learn how to do it on this page.

Cat chews through condensate pump power cord.

Would you mind to feed this animal? I think Whiskas is your best choice. Buy some on the right.

Circulating pump on my hot water baseboard system is making a wining noise.

Maybe it’s time to replace it, buy one on the right.

Concentric venting furnace water dripping problems.

If it’s dripping on the outside – you have pitch problem, it must be pitched to your house. Otherwise find a solution on this page.

Condensate line clear, but water still collects in pan.

Maybe you have the same problem as it has been discussed on these four pages, but please be patient and read them all. There are a lot of very good ideas and you do not want to miss any single one of them…

Condensate line for my furnace goes into my sump pump pit. Is that correct?

Condensation on vent pipe in attic for range hood.
Your vent pipe must be insulated.

Cooling without condensation.
Maybe somewhere in a desert, maybe not…

Couch over large hvac intake grill.

Well, for one hand your couch will hide it from direct view, for another hand, do not make too much love on it because it will collect too much dust!

Dirty air filter furnace cause flame rollout.

I think its rather cracked heat exchanger make this happens. Get more info on this page.
If you have poor air flow from the vent, check it out. There might be an adjustable elbow snapped off where it connects. In order to resolve the issue better off just replacing that elbow or fix it, may also find that the pipe is a tad short, may need to add a piece to keep it from happening again.

2. Broken Elbow Tip

Fixing a broken elbow is a very easy task! But nobody knows how to do that! Why? Because nobody cares! The tin knocker will send it back to the shop or just throw them away. But if you are a self-employed contractor you probably don’t have too much time to waste! You don't need no extra trip to the freakin job! So, for the price of only $1.00 I can explain how to fix a broken elbow in no time!



Do electronic air cleaner make your cold air return stink?
I do not know for sure, but theoretically it might, because it burning the dust. Replace this stupid bastard with 4” or 5” pleated filters, buy them on the right.

Do my cold air returns get dirtier than my air vents?
If your filter sits just before your furnace, then yes.

Do they make a right side bypass humidifier?
All humidifiers designed for both sides.

Does a new ac system need to be charged?
Charge should come in the condenser. Depends on what you bought. A new 410A AC will come with charge, a dry shipped R22 AC would not.
Installer has to evacuate the line set and evaporator coil before opening the valves to let the charge fill in the vacuum. It then needs to be checked to make sure it is not undercharged or overcharged.

Does metal duct work sweat in Florida?
If it’s not insulated, then yes. But in Florida it may sweat even if it’s insulated…

Does one need to worry about duct work rusting if using a furnace attached humidifier?
If your humidifier is attached to the plenum above your furnace then your main concern is rusting of your furnace. Get more info on this page.

For air circulation I leave the furnace fan on low all the time. My question is when on low is all the air draw coming from the nearest intake vents? I don't feel air movement at the further returns. Ideally I want a slight draw from every room/vent.
If you slightly adjust the balancing dampers on the near furnace supplies and leave the farthest supplies wide open, you might see a slight improvement. Professionals have meters to check air flow.
You will have to play with the balancing dampers until you get a good or close result.

Fotos 1960 old boiler.
I do not know what are “fotos”, but if you can send me some photos of the 1960 years old boiler I’ll pay you $1000.00 a piece!

Galvanize humidifier pad should it be cleaned or replaced?
Usually after one season I just clean it by strong stream of hot water, after that it should be replaced.

Gas furnace cold air intake on both sides of blower.
If your furnace produces 2000 CFM of air then you have to put a cold air return on both sides or put this furnace on the filter box. For more info please buy Chapter #55 from my Ductwork Installation Guide e-book.

55. Installation of Heating System in Big Houses* – the chapter presents all aspects ductwork and
furnace installation in the houses (larger then 5000 square feet). The chapter describes furnace and ductwork attic installation, explains how to run ductwork from the basement to the attic and so on.
The chapter has 74 pictures; 26 pages*. $3.41 (Instant Access).

*Link to
Top of the Line House (Installation in Pictures).

05/25/2013 five more pictures were added.

How can I increase the flow of my microwave vent fan?
You have to increase the duct size. Get more info on this page.

How close can a furnace exhaust stack be to floor joists?
1” for a B-vent pipe, and 6” for a “smoke” pipe.

How do I open and close my commercial air conditioning vents?
Usually they install so-called butterfly dampers. If there are no handle use long skinny flat screwdriver instead. If they cut corners and didn’t install dampers then the pipe dampers should be closed. If there are no pipe dampers lift a diffuser up, put it on the grid and replace it with 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile…

How does shutting the door to a room affect the way it heats?
You must know that! Do not tell me that you sleep with your wife while door open…

How extensive a job is it to convert our gas central heating and air to an electric heat pump?
Well, you should not to replace your furnace if it still working, just shot the gas off. Otherwise it’s a 6 hour work for two installers involved.

How far away from the wall should the microwave be?
It should be installed tight to the wall. Get more info on this page.

How far can a hanger be installed from the end of a duct line?

I would say from 1” to 24”.

How far downstream after a duct humidifier can you install a 90 degree bend?
There are no limitations on this one.

How many sheets of sheet metal does it take to make ductwork?
Its entirely depends on the duct size.

How much is offset distance of duct from road?

Hi Gingrich, is it you? But why from the road, but not from the Moon. Have you changed your plans, haven’t you?

How much money should it cost to replace a gas furnace circuit mother board?
Well, if you a DIY-er you can buy it on this page and replace it by yourself!

How tight do I wrap forced hot air ducting?
You have to find a balance. If you wrap it too tight it will loose the R value. If you wrap it too loose it will looks like shit. Get more info how to do it the right way on this page.

Ductwork Insulation

Before insulating, seal all the gaps around drive, pipe connections and take-offs. The best stuff for duct seal are special mastics or duct sealants...

How to build sheet metal ductwork round turns?
Well, it is not difficult. If someone would pay me for a tutorial I would make a paid page for this topic. In this tutorial you would learn how to do it by using the hand tools only. Send me an email from this page and we’ll discuss the price for my work with you.

How to close off fresh air intake for duct leakage test?
Just fold a news paper a few times and stuff it in the fresh air cap.

How to fix commercial damper?
You must disconnect the duct to fix it or at least pull out a canvas. Then you can replace it with a new one.
How to install a damper in my duct work to remedy some heating/cooling issues on certain sides of the house?
If you have the right tools. first you need to make the damper about a 1/4 inch smaller on each side of the duct. next you need to find the spring loaded taps that will come out of the round 3/8 inch hole on both sides of the duct. then cut a hole in the bottom of the duct about 2 inches wide and the width of the duct to slid the damper in and the spring loaded tabs will go into the holes. make sure the 3/8 holes are centered from top to bottom. one of the tabs will have a handle on it to open or close the damper. next will be to patch the hole on the bottom.
Now, you have to make sure you are not blocking to much air and forcing the air where you want to go. this will freeze up a coil or overheat a furnace.

How to insulate a PVC furnace vent pipe to prevent condensation?
You cannot prevent condensation in a vent pipe of the condensing furnace. But you must insulate it if it runs through unconditioned space.
How to measure a furnace plenum?
Plenum base should be for a ¼” in both dimensions larger then furnace top flange and the distance between plenum and joists should be 1”.

How to remove ¾” PVC pipe on humidifier furnace?
Just cut it with a pipe cutter and glue a ¾” PVC cap on. Buy it on the right.

How to replace an up flow furnace in a closet?
There is not much difference where a furnace is located. Learn how to replace furnace on this page.

How to tell if there is a humidifier hooked up to your electric heat pump?
Just look at it…

How to wire inline fan to thermostat to come on with HVAC system?
The EAC terminals on the control board or a current sensing relay grabbing the blower neutral wire would operate the inline booster fan.

Hvac installation guide with photos, pdf.
The reason I put this keyword here because it’s just blowing my mind. Who can explain how someone with this kind of search can come to the website, spend 0 seconds on it and leave no questions asked. What was this person looking for? Maybe he was looking for porn? Daily I have dozens visitors just like this one. Would someone from them explain WTF going on here? Please type you response on this page.

Hvac, how far from trunk end can I install register?
12” – 18”.
I am currently renovating an old house and my ac guy is unable to run my ductwork at this time. He did however order everything I need and is going to assist me with the installation on the ductwork. I wanted to know what the best way is for strapping the flex duct. I want to keep it of the joist so mice don’t eat it up...
If you have mice, you need to get rid of them first. I don’t care how you hang the ducts & how high off the rafters, they will use the tops of ducts for their freeway. Then they will chew holes into the duct & turn the inside of your flex into their toilet & use the fiberglass for nesting materials. It will happen! I’ve replaced ducts multiple times when owner refused to take rodent extermination seriously.
I have a section of 8 x 20 rectangular duct, and I want to adapt it to connect to an 8 x 24 section. I have this adapter, and it says it is "pre-assembled with boot clips for easy snap-in installation". I don't see anything that this would snap into. The only options I see involve cutting out a part of one of the sections. What am I missing here?

Cut the side out of the narrower section, to match the length of the adapter. That left the edge of the top and bottom as bare edges for the boot clips to slide into.

I don't use the electronic air cleaner on my carrier furnace, is it necessary to leave it in the furnace.
You still may use it for your filter.

I want to replace my rectangular duct work with round how do I know what size?
Just look in the duct sizing chart.

I was changing the filter in my furnace when it turned on and sucked up a piece of paper.
Turn off the emergency switch, open the blower compartment, and pull a piece of paper out.

I can hear the paper. What should I do?
Read the explanations above.

If using the emergency heat option on my Lennox heat pump, is it good or bad.
It is not good and it is not bad, it is just designed this way, and it could by very costly.

If you close the door to a room and close vents can you open the windows without effecting the heating bill?


Installing 2.5ton air handler in attic should returns be in ceiling or walls.
I would prefer them on walls this way they look better.

Installing duct work underground with floor registers.
Oh yeah baby, I have Chapter #57 from my Ductwork Installation Guide e-book dedicated to this issue.
57. Underground Ductwork* – the chapter talks about underground ductwork installation and presents everything
that an installer must to know in order to do the job right.
The chapter has 17 pictures; 7 pages*. $2.37 (Instant Access).

Underground Duct.

On 10/12/2011 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. 

Installing hot air duct lines along exterior basement wall.
Get info how to do it in Chapter #55 from my Ductwork Installation Guide e-book.

Is it appropriate to place floor air duct in front of door?

Is it better to top or rear exhaust a microwave?

Is it legal to put cold air returns in a finished basement?

It’s illegal not to.

Is it safe to use a furnace if draft inducer fan blade is broken?
Yes, because your furnace won’t work anyway. But if your pressure limit switch is also broken then you are in big trouble!

Making turning vanes for duct work.
Of course you can make them yourself, but factory made just much better…

Maximum condensate drain length.
Well. This is a gravity system and it will work no matter what…

Move ducts from basement to attic.

Are you out of your mind? Get more info on this page.

My programmable thermostat kicks on every ten minutes.
Read the manual, they have fix to this problem.

Our microwave wall vent cap makes clapping noise.
Well, most likely that back draft damper in your microwave doesn’t work properly. Pull out your microwave and fix it.

Premium inline fan and air blower differences.

There are no such a thing as a plenum inline fan…

Rain water into exhaust PVC concentric vent.
This is fine, do not worry about it.

Rheem high efficiency furnace installation instructions.
Well, you can buy the Furnace Book and get dozens of Rheem high efficiency furnaces pictures installations.

Screwdriver cross creasing ducts.
I would recommend using a different kinds of tools and on this page I have a tutorial dedicated to this issue.
Should a Trane high efficiency furnace vent have water dripping from it?
Of course not! Find a solution on this page.
Water Leak on Gas Furnace Exhaust PVC Pipe

I have an Amana 92% high efficiency gas furnace.
The 2-inch exhaust pipe is leaking water at a couple of the joints around four feet from the furnace. I know that gas has a lot of condensation in the exhaust. However is it just a matter of re-sealing the joints or is there a bigger problem.
The house and furnace are 4 years old...

Should rigid dryer vent be insulated if running thru crawlspace?
Well, it always better to run it in rigid pipes.

Thermostat making electric furnace do weird stuff.
A weird stuff? Can you be more specific and remember no children visiting this site…

Transition between cold air return and stud cavity.
Well, it’s still a simple question, but I would recommend you to buy Chapters #34 and #40 from my Ductwork Installation Guide e-book.

Use of return air as supply can save money?
Who said that? Are you having communications with a parallel world?

What can I do my trailer central heater is making no ice.
You should be worry if your heater does making some ice…

What causes water to leak out of my draft inducer assembly on carrier furnace?
Well, maybe there is a crack in your draft inducer motor. Find your motor in the search box on the left and replace yours the leaking one.

What do I do if my furnace fresh air intake sucks in neighbors smoke?
I think that the best solution would be just rerun it from a new location. Find out how to do it the right way on this page.

What happens if I install two A/C P-traps?
Nothing, just save one for the next job.

What happens if your air return is too small?
It’s going to make your furnace noisier and work harder.

What happens when the draft inducer on a hot water heater quits?

Then it won’t work.

What if crimped end of metal round duct going in opposite direction of air flow?

Not good, you should rerun the entire heat run.

What is the purpose of the adjustment arms on heating ducts?
To adjust pipe dampers.

What should be the slope of air conditioner condensate pipe?

If its in the attic from 1/8” to ¼”, if in the basement once it reach the floor no pitch applied.

What type of clothing or tools need duct installer use?
The first thing what a new duct installer need to do after he found a job in the ductwork installation field is to purchase my Ductwork Installation Guide book! In this book all the above and much more questions answered!

What types of materials is used for converting the boiler heating system and adding heat ducts in a two story house with no ductwork?

Well, I have a paid page ($2.00 two dollars) that has all these questions answered!

Where is the best place to put a furnace?
In the basement.

Where to buy sound absorbing pad for heat pump?
Here on the right.

Why does my high efficiency furnace cycle on and off when it is windy outside?
It’s because your draft inducer motor isn’t strong enough. You may replace the motor, rerun the pipes to another location, or just turn an elbow on the outside the way that the wind didn’t blow in.

Why return supply covers different?
Because supply should be adjustable, but return is not.

Why to use PVC versus galvanized steel for furnace exhaust?

The material used to vent the appliance is a function of the exhaust temperature alone. When the temperature is low enough, PVC or CPVC is the preferred material due to its ability to transport water without suffering damage. For intermediate temperatures on condensing appliances, stainless steel is the required vent material. Only the very lowest efficiency units vent into a chimney these days. Everything else is some form of power vent or direct vent.

Will 2 closed supply vents make furnace shut down?

Only if it’s what you’ve got.

Will a dirty filter cause central air fan to run constantly even on auto?

Will a humidifier ruin my duct work?
Yes, it might.

Will a larger return reduce my furnace noise?

Will furnace condensate hurt sump pump?

Yes, it might, but on the very long run.

Wiring furnace and humidifier together to run constantly.
Do not do that! It’s just waste of money. Learn how to increase level of humidity in your house and save on this page.

www.experiences duct work installer seek a job.
I’m trying very hard to help my fellow ductwork installers to find a job, but none of them cooperated. Would you like to be first? Contact me on this page.

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