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List of Simple Questions 3

On the List of Simple Questions page and on the others alike (see links to them below), you can find answers to all spectrums of issues this website is dedicated for!
If your search engine sent you to this page that means, that a similar question was asked before and you will be able to find the answer you are looking for here.
Some of the questions are simple enough and you can find answers right here on this page.
The others are more complicated and I provided links to the pages on my site where you can find free information.
For the third part of the questions that are not that simple, as you may think, I provided links to the paid pages or books on my site.

So, please scroll down, find your question and good luck!

Are there problems with putting heating and air conditioning ducts in exterior walls?
If you can put R-8 insulation in the wall behind the duct, then you won't have any problems at all.

Can a dirty filter short the breaker box?

Can attic filters increase humidity?
Yes, if it's a new one.

Can I install my own furnace?
Yes, you can. And you can buy one of them on the same page.

Can I move an ac duct from my attic to inside my home?
Yes, of course, but there are a lot of variables.

Can I move the air ductwork to finish my basement?
Yep, I have two pages (1), (2) dedicated to this issue.

Can I tap into my heating system to heat my basement?

Can I use a furnace with the return on the wrong side?
Well, you can patch the wrong side, but better if the next time you wouldn’t buy a stolen furnace…

Can low humidity in a house cause sinus problems?

Can the fan on the furnace draw humidity from the basement up to the second story?
It might unless you have an A/C.

Can water in the condensate tub be sucked back up into the ac unit?
Yes, if an AC coil sits on the return side and the P-trap isn’t installed.

Can you have a supply vent in basement without a return?
Yes, if this is an unfinished basement then you can have this most of the time.

Can you install furnace ducting through floor joists?
Yes, if instead of floor joists they used trusses.

Can you place a couch over cold air return duct?
Yes, if it is not blocked off and you are indifferent to the noise.

Can you run ductwork off of plenum going into crawl space?
Well, it is what you should do anyway. See some pics of this kind of installation on this page.

Can you seal old ductwork from the inside?
Yes, I heard about this technique.

Can you use ½" pipe for a condensate pump?
No, it's against code, it should be ¾".

Do bathroom fans pull in fresh air from the furnace?
Do not worry for that unless you have an old style gravity furnace.

Do HVAC copper pipes need to be grounded?
No, they are already grounded by the condenser's chassis ground, and also often by the indoor units chassis ground.

Do isolated rooms need a return duct?

Do multiple inlets for air return need dampers?

Do you cover outside vents for intruders for furnace gas vents?
Yes, there are some metal or plastic screens available at the supply houses.

Do you know any cool features to include in finished basement?
A lot of them just check it out this page or below.

Finished Basement Edition

This book is about doing your own ductwork. Doing your own ductwork has significant financial advantages...

Do you need hvac vent in basement bathroom?
Yes, of course, this is in the code.

Do you need the 6 inch ductwork for microwave?

Does heat ductwork need to be level?

Does inducer motor suck air in or blow air out?

Does it pay to replace ac ductwork?
If it's very old, rusty and dirty outside and inside, if it's undersized or oversized, then the answer is yes.

Funny pics of hvac install.
Well, they are here and here.

How do I install ventilation fan on my microwave?
A ventilation fan should be part of your microwave unit.

How do I level my furnace?
You have to use a level and metal shims.

How do you insulate attic ductwork?
This one is a very strange question: If you are an installer you must know that or learn it from your co-workers. If you are a homeowner, your ductwork should be already insulated! However, in both cases I would recommend you to read on the Ductwork Insulation page.

Ductwork Insulation

Before insulating seal all gaps around drives, pipe connections and take-offs. The best stuff for the duct seal are special mastics or duct sealants. Do not use aluminum tape – it will not stick to the old ductwork because it’s covered with dust.
It does not matter where to start – from the end of a ductwork trunk line or from a plenum, but maybe better to start from the end because when you reach to the plenum you will be much more experienced insulator than you are now.

How do you run ductwork for a two-story house with the furnace on the first level?
You can run it in trusses or in attic.

How do you seal ductwork with silver tape?
If this is old ductwork do not use silver tape, use a duct sealer. Buy a duct sealer on the right.

How does cold air return could be close to furnace?
More than 10 feet.

How does humidity changes with airflow from air handler?
The slower the airflow - the lower the relative humidity.

How does the s-lock work on ductwork?
S-lock is a misleading term unless you are using a bottom puncher and put an S-cleat (the right term) on the duct's S-side in a certain way. The purpose of the S-cleat is to hold S-sides of ducts in place.

How far can fresh air intake be from dryer exhaust?

How many elbows in hvac ductwork?
As many as necessary!?!

How to add a second cold air return?
Do not add a second return - add returns to every room of your house, except the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room.

How to attach heating duct to furnace?
You have to use a plenum first.

How to connect ductwork that has come apart?
You cannot simply paste this kind of question in Google and find an answer online, unless you are an idiot. Even Google needs more specifically designed questions.

How to eliminate expansion contraction noise from ductwork finished basement?
Find a solution on this page.

How to fix popping sounds in attic?
You can find an answer on this page.

How to get cold air from basement to first floor?
It would never work. Your basement won't even keep up with the load. However you can give it a try. If you are having a furnace (air handler) with ductwork in your basement open up an end cap on your return duct, if not, install a level-to-level fan.

How to improve flex duct airflow?
Try to stretch and straighten it out as much as possible.

How to install a heat register in a drop ceiling?
I have a chapter from my Finished Basement Edition book dedicated to this issue.

How to install dryer vent through brick video?
C'mon, just look at these pictures on the Split Level Ranch page, it's more than enough!

Split Level Ranch Remodeling

Are you planning a remodeling of your house? This is great! From now on, you can get huge amount of information that will help you to find the right way of dealing with the ductwork installation issues.
What if you only had baseboard heating in your house and decided to install a central air?
Now you can do it by yourself or just get an idea on how it should be done and now you can help your heating contractor to implement this idea into a real life!

On this page, you can see 85 photos with brief explanations to them. Also, you can ask your questions or visit some paid pages, which are related to the photos on this page. Price for the instant access to the page is only $2.00.

How to install ductboard collars?
Put a template on the duct board and trace it with a utility knife, insert a collar and bend all tabs out, seal it with mastic or duct sealant if necessary. And you can purchase a collar on the right.

How to install the ductwork on a conditioned crawl space?
Just like in a basement.

How to insulate an exterior wall hvac return?
You can use aluminum faced foam insulation, or double bubble insulation. And you can buy it on the right.

How to insulate heating ducts in basement for sound?
Well this is impossible to do without replacing them all.

How to insulate hvac ducts from sweating?
I have a paid page dedicated to this issue.

How to make a sheet metal offset from rectangular to round?
This question is rather about a transition than an offset. The easiest way to do that is to tap in a collar to the rectangular box.

How to prevent my furnace from taking air from basement?
Seal the return duct, all sheeting, blockers and put a cover on the filter rack.

How to prevent noisy cold air returns in new construction?
Your Heating Contractor must do a Manual D!

How to relocate a furnace?
This one is a very difficult task, because too many changes to your ductwork, gas line, electrical wiring, etc. should be done.

How to repair a vertical evaporator unit condensate line leak?
Just cut the leaking piece off of the pipe or elbow off and replace it with a new one plus couplings. And you can buy some on these fittings on the right.

How to run cold air returns through attic?
Well, this one isn't really a simple question, but on the Split Level Ranch Remodeling and Top of the Line House pages you can see quite a bit of pictures dedicated to this issue.

How to wire ventilation fan for crawl space?
At first buy the fan on the right and you will get a wiring diagram and instructions with it.

I'm putting a bathroom in my unfinished basement and need some basic advice on running the HVAC supply duct to this room.
The bathroom will be just under 64 square feet (roughly 8'x8'). The main supply trunk line (suspended from the basement ceiling joists) runs right by this room only 12" away.

Basements have pretty low heat loss, leakage aside - a load calc for a small basement bathroom would probably come out to 2000 BTU or less, that's 37 CFM at a 50f temp rise. You can do that with a 4" pipe, maybe go for 5" if concerned about not having enough heat.

I am wanting to finish basement, but air and heat venting is old metal box type that hangs low, what could I replace it with in order to finish ceilings where they would not have to be so low?
Just purchase Chapter #1 (Materials) and find it out for yourself.

I have an older train furnace that did work but now the blower will not shut off.
Sounds like the fan on/off temperature switch is stuck in the closed position keeping the blower on. If it an electrical air handler, take the fan relay out and remove the little pc board from the relay, and put the two wires back onto the relay.

I have condensation build up on one supply outlet the ducts and cans are insulated, any ideas of the root of the problem?
Usually indicates that air is being pulled in around the ceiling can. Seal the can to the ceiling.

I want to install my own ducting for a new a/c system.
So, what's the problem, just buy my Ductwork Installation Guide and DIY.

Is it necessary to have a cold air vent in finished basement?

Is it normal to have condensation under my house in the summer on ac ducts?
Of course not, if you are not living in the raised house like for example in New Orleans, but even in this case try to re-run your flex ductwork in a R-8 flex and/or put additional insulation on metal ductwork.

Is it ok to run ac duct from top of plenum?
No, this is code violation.

Is there a place where to learn how to install ductwork?
Yes, on this site.

Is there an in line backflow preventer for dryer exhaust?

Is there bathroom residential wall mounted exhaust duct fans?
You can use just the regular one; see pictures of the installation on the Top of the Line House page. And you even can buy one on the right.

Top of the Line House Ductwork Installation page – if you are planning to build a beautiful and expensive house this page is just for you!

So, if you would like to see all these pictures presented on the page, 122 of them, please pay $2.00 for the instant access to the page.

Maybe you are not planning to build a 10,000 square feet house and spend something around $85,000.00 for the HVAC installation in the foreseeable future, but you're definitely may find some interesting ideas which even I wasn't familiar with!

For example:
What would you do if you do not like all these ugly wall registers, and of course a lot more!
Furthermore, if you just bought the "Attic Ductwork Installation" page you may find another way of running ductwork in the attic.

Is there stack duct for 6" wall?
Yes, you can use a regular 6" oval stack.

My AC stopped working completely two days ago. The fan in the handler works when I turn on the heat. But when I put the thermostat on cool and try to turn on the AC, nothing happens. The condenser does not turn on and the fan remains off.
Assuming this is a straight cool system: pull the thermostat off the base and jumper R, G, and Y together. If the system comes on, you've got a bad thermostat. No activity? Remove jumpers and do that at the air handler terminal trip. If the system works, your thermostat wire is bad.

Should be return air duct larger than return air drop?
No, its return drop should be large or the same size as the return air duct.

Should I have solid 90"S and 45's at the bends in my flex duct off the distribution box, and in the ceiling registers?
If you are making bends or connecting the flex to register boots make sure you use a wide radius when making the turns and support them if needed. No sharp bends.

Should you insulate intake heating duct?
No, unless your basement is very warm and humid.

Should you run dryer vent up or down?
You can run it up or down...

Tips on installing duct work.
Bad idea! You do not need just a few tips you need a Ductwork Installation Guide book!

What are the causes of sweating air ducts in a crawlspace?
Jus read on this page and find the answer.

What causes ductwork to whistle?
Your return duct is undersized or there is an obstruction.

What causes gas furnaces to explode?
A gas leak.

What cfm rated on a microwave hood mean?
It's saying how many cubic feet of air your microwave is exhausting to the outdoors.

What diameter should microwave exhaust fan vent be?
At least 6".

What do I need to get fresh air return in a sub-basement?
At least look around on my website!


What does a return on a furnace do?
The return on a furnace is returning air to the furnace.

What exhaust fan is needed for laundry with dryer?
Just the smallest one - 3" 50 cfm or you can buy one on the right.

What happens if your fresh air intake is above your exhaust air?
Nothing, if it's more than 10' away.

What happens if your furnace was sitting in water?
It will rust.

What I need to install ducts?
First off, my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

What is a clearance from gas furnace exhaust and dryer vent?

What is a duct blaster test for?
A duct blaster test is used to find an air leakage in duct seams, joints, and connections. It is not intended to determine if the ducts can flow air properly or not.

What is return air duct material?
Sheet metal or duct board.

What is the best cold air intake basement position?
6 - 8 inches off the floor.

What is the best way to insulate round metal ducts?
You may use wrap insulation or sleeve insulation, but for the second one you must take heat runs apart. Buy sleeve insulation here on the right.

What makes insulated ductwork sweat?
High level of humidity, dirty filters, low on Freon, etc.

What to do with ugly PVC pipes & noise from high efficiency furnaces?
Well if they look ugly you can rerun them; if they make nose you can eliminate it.

Ticking Noise Elimination

If you did not finish your basement off yet then it would be relatively simple to fix. Also, if in your basement you have a drop ceiling then consider yourself as a lucky one, the most difficult task would be if your ductwork is covered with the drywall!..

When do you install ductwork?
Usually from 7 am to 4 pm.

Where I can find furnace free book install?
You already got one - it is your furnace's installation manual!

Where I can find info for hvac installation procedures and free online training?
In your dreams.

Where I can see pictures of all a/c duct installment tools?
Just purchase Chapter #1 (Tools) and you will see pictures and descriptions to every tool presented in the chapter, or you can buy them on this and two following pages. Also, buy and save a wide variety of tools on this page.

Where to find split-level remodeling books?
I cannot help you with this one, but I would recommend you to look at the Split Level Ranch Remodeling page. Besides ductwork installation, you may find a lot of other remodeling ideas.

Why am I having microwave vent hood exterior exhaust issues?
The simple answer: because you still trying to save a couple of bucks by not buing my paid page.

Why can't a downflow furnace be in the basement?
It can be installed in the basement if you have underground ductwork.

Why does a ductless mini split need to be a minimum of 5' off the floor?
Basically it needs a certain amount of return air, i.e. warm air to go over the cold coil.
It could get to a point where cold air is the only air that the unit can process and that will either turn the unit off in an uncomfortable room or it will freeze the coil on you and be a big mess.
Also, they generally want that 5 foot height because their air discharge is from the bottom. And you can buy one on the right.

Why does furnace bang constantly?
There are a lot of causes for that, just read it on this page.

Why moisture on duct work causing hard wood floor to buckle?
Well, it is just because the moist wood is expanding in size.

Why two PVC drain lines coming from my ac handler?
There should be only one; the second one won't do any good.

Why water coming out of hole at bottom of furnace?
Because the drip pan of your evaporator is overflowing or the furnace's fan is blowing water away.

Will a lined return duct stop fan noise?
It may reduce the level of the noise.

Will insulation stop metal ductwork from sweating?

Would clogged condensate affect cooling?
No, but may affect your furnace/air handler.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, try links to the other pages of this kind below.
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