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List of Simple Questions 6

On the List of Simple Questions page and on the others alike (see links to them below), you can find answers to all spectrums of issues this website is dedicated for!
If your search engine sent you to this page that means, that a similar question was asked before and you will be able to find the answer you are looking for.
Some of the questions are simple enough and you can find answers right here on this page.
The others are more complicated and I provided links to the pages on my site where you can find free information.
For the third part of the questions that are not that simple, as you may think, I provided links to the paid pages or books on my site.

So, please scroll down, find your question and good luck!

AC air handler in attic is developing water and it is pouring into plenum and ducts, what is the cause?
There are a lot of possibilities find a solution on these pages.

Air conditioning condensate line installation video.
You do not a video for this topic. Learn how to install it on this page.

Air conditioning ducts that have 10 inches of fiberglass lining before metal ducts starts, can this fiberglass be cut out and replaced by a better product?
If you are asking about a ductboard, then yes.

Can a recessed light be placed in cold air return?
It wasn't a problem in the houses I built, they just ran wires in "greenfield". However, code can vary in your area.

Can I add fresh air intake on older gas furnace?

Can I bury a dryer vent in a dry walled ceiling?
Yes, but it should be a conditioned ceiling all the way to outside.

Can I put a 4-inch duct on my microwave?
No, it is too small for any types of microwaves ovens I know of.

Can I use flexible duct for a cold air intake on furnace?
If you are asking about cold air plenum in the attic, then yes.

Can I use galvanized ductwork on indoor wood furnace?
Yes, but what else can you use?

Can low humidity in house cause dry nose?
Yes, it can. Learn more on this page. But you can buy a humidifier here on the right or bon the left.

Can you explain correct method of taping an air main?
I have a paid page dedicated to this issue.

Can you run regular ductwork to vent a furnace?
No, it should be at least 24 gauges of sheet metal galvanized pipes and fittings.

Can you use regular PVC cement when venting a high efficiency furnace?
Well, but what else you can use? And you can buy it on this page on the right.

Can you use rivets to connect dryer ducting?
No, you must use aluminum foil tape. And you can buy it on this page on the right.

Can you vent a bathroom fan into the same roof vent that a gas furnace uses?
If you are a suicidal, then yes, but please look for mental help first.

Cold air return duct blocked by insulation in floor joists can I run a pipe?
Remove insulation, run a pipe, put insulation back on.

Do I have to vent my ventless microwave in the attic?
Did you read your own question? Please read it again...

Do you insulate the bottom of cabinets when putting supply air under the cabinet?
Of course not, however, as I understand you do not know how to install a toe kick heat properly! Find step-by-step guide on this page.

Toe Kick Heat Installation

Step #1: Locate openings in the cabinet and in the floor.
There are a few ways how to locate these openings. In the case if you are already removed finished flooring the easiest one is just to drill a pilot hole in front of the cabinet, go into the basement and mark out a 10 ¼” x 4 ½” opening there.

Does a cold air return duct in an attic need to be insulated?

Does air handler for heat pump need to be connected to drain line?

Does cold air return need same size as supply register in a room?
It should be larger.

Does gas furnace need condensate pan during winter?
If it's in the attic or crawl space then yes.

Furnace service man said furnace will either explode or gas us with carbon monoxide if we don't buy a new one soon.
If you doubt it get a second opinion, but do it as soon as possible. And you can buy a furnace here on this page.

How can we install more furnace ductwork on second floor of an already finished house?
Put them in the attic.

How do drain an overflowing condensate pump?
If your condensate pump is overflowed, you should not drain it you must replace it!

How do I connect flex duct to a drop ceiling?
Get info for this topic here on this page.

Register Installation on Ceiling Tile 

This page gives a description on the installation of a register on a ceiling tile. On this page you can see pictures of all necessary tools and materials and pictures of the system elements installed. There are 14 pictures on this page. All installation is divided into four steps which represent the entire project in the making.

Installation on the paid page might not exactly describe your upcoming project. However, it will give you an important example of how this type of installation should be done. In addition, it will open the gates for as many questions as necessary to make sure that the job is done right.

How do I clean out the condensation lines from my Lennox air conditioner with safe-t-switch?
The easiest way is using of wire or you can purchase a hand pump designed just for that.

How does condensate get to the pump?
You should use ¾" PVC pipes for this matter.

How far apart should return and heat vents be?
Some studies show that they could be next to each other, but I prefer to put them in the opposite walls.

How far away does furnace intake have to be from dryer exhaust?
3' radius of furnace air- intake terminal and 1' horizontally from vertical centerline of furnace air-intake terminal.

How much water does A/C condensate lines discharge?
Everything that A/C produces.

How to add more air to furnace room?
If your furnace room is small, you may cut a register in the plenum. If it is big, you may run additional basement heat. However, if you are asking about combustion air intake, take a look at this page.

How to balance inducer blower fan?
As much as I know you cannot balance it you should replace it.

How to build a flue for a condensing furnace?
It is not too difficult to do, just read on the Chapter #49 in my "Ductwork Installation Guide" book.

49. Venting* – the chapter is divided in two parts and describes all possible cases of installation and termination of the
venting for 80% and 90+% furnaces.
The chapter has 49 pictures; 26 pages*. $2.50 (Instant Access).

Venting & Draining Condensing Gas Furnaces
Laundry and Condensing Furnaces Don't Mix.

On 08/18/2013 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. One photo were added.

How to build a furnace plenum?
The best tutorials you can find on the Furnace Book and on the Dollar Guide pages.

How to clean hvac galvanized sheet metal ducts prior to installing them in house?
You should not clean it, usually it is clean enough for installation.

How to clean mineral deposits on air conditioner coil?
I have a free page dedicated to this issue.

How to connect plenum to furnace?
Put a plenum on and screw it with ½" zip screws.

How to drill through brick for rectangular ventilation ducting?
Purchase Remodeling of Split Level Ranch page and see it for yourself.

How to eliminate ticking noise in ducts after furnace runs?
Find an answer to this question on this page.

How to fix furnace vents that expand?
A furnace vent will always expand. However if you are having issues with that find a solution on this page.

How to flash ductwork at exterior masonry wall penetrations?
You do not need a flashing for this case. Purchase the "Attic Ductwork Installation" page and see it for yourself.

Attic Ductwork Installation

Recently I’ve installed ductwork in the attic space. Personally I don’t like this kind of installation, but a homeowner decided to build a master bedroom, master bathroom, two laundry rooms and two additional rooms above two and three car garages with a bridge...

How to install a fresh air ventilator?
Purchase this ventilator here on this page and get the installation instruction with it.

How to install cold air returns on floor?
Do not install it on the floor install it on the wall.

How to install duct for Jenn-air?
Find info for this topic on this page.

How to install ductwork thermo pride oil furnace?
There is no difference on what type of furnace you have the ductwork installation should be the same.

How to install heat ducts in an addition with a craw space?
If this is a small addition, you can just extend existing heat runs.

How to install heat vents and cold air returns to existing trunk line in basement?
You can easily find all answer in the Finished Basement Edition book.

Finished Basement Edition

This book is about doing your own ductwork. Doing your own ductwork has significant financial advantages...

How to run air return in room above garage?
Find the answer in the Chapter #62 in my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

62. Uncommon Cases – the chapter presents a wide variety uncommon cases of the Rough-in, basement and others
installations, such as: pool fan installation, suspended furnace installation, etc.
CONCLUSION – the chapter wishes good luck in a new profession.

Are you looking for work? Not yet? When you will, they are going to ask you about your experience and it should be at least from three to five years or even more than that! However, under a good supervision one year is just enough to put your hands on it!!
So, why do they need more, are they crazy? No, they are not! They just need to know that you are able to do your job without asking too many questions!
My entire book is designed to help you out in this regard, but this chapter in particular! Once you have read this chapter, undoubtedly, you can claim that you have a knowledge equal at least of ten years of experience!

The chapters have 65 pictures; 26 pages*. $5.00 (Instant Access). On 06/24/2013 25 more pictures added. Examples of Pulte Homes ductwork installation were also inserted in this chapter.

I finished my basement, do I need a return?
This is a good question! But wait a second it is not too late though! If you built a mechanical room, you still can do it. Just find a step-by-step tutorial on this page.

I'm not confident that my installer properly chose the correct fan speeds for my system. After reading through the installation manual it seems that this is a scientific process. I do know that he didn't use any test equipment when selecting what fan speeds to choose. From what I've been reading on the web, this is pretty important. I was thinking about having one of the local contractors come out to check it. What would be considered a reasonable cost for this service? It's a Carrier gas pack package unit with unrestricted access.

Cost can be a very regional subject, but a couple hours labor should be the minimum expected.
Heat rise, static pressure, TESP, input and manifold gas pressure, and clocking the gas meter should be done.
Commissioning is VERY important to determining how well the unit performs and operates.
If your furnace has a fully featured variable speed blower, heating speed adjustments should not be necessary as it automatically compensates for duct pressure.
With a gas pack, the a/c size is known so it should ship set correctly as well for the tonnage of cooling.

I have a 1955 block home in central Florida and currently having a re-roof. There were a lot of vent stacks up on the roof that are remnants of older heating/cooling/venting systems that aren't used. While crawling around in my attic trying to make sure I wasn't going to have them remove anything that might currently be used, I came across a bit of a mystery vent.

Basically what you're looking at is the ducting that comes down from the vent on the roof which pipes into this metal box. The metal box goes down into a wall cavity between two 2x4's for a ways. I can't tell if it goes all the way to the floor or not. But there is a section of drywall that looks like it has been crudely patched on one side of this wall cavity.

I can't imagine it is being used anymore, but I'm very curious if something like this was ever used for?

That is a B-vent, which would have been for a gas burning appliance. After doing some research I'm leaning towards a gas wall heater, seems like they were popular around the time this home was built and often found in bathrooms.

I just finished my basement and have condensation on air ducts?!?
Most likely, you forgot to install the cold air return! However, in any case you will be better off by use a dehumidifier.

I want become a sheet metal duct installer.
Great! First off find a job, secondly, buy my Ductwork Installation Guide e-book. Are you looking for work? Make your page on my site!

If no ductworks in house how do you convert from electric to gas?
It's unrelated issues.

Is a return vent supposed to be vented to the attic?
Return vent by definition cannot be vented nowhere but back to the furnace/air handler.

Is ductwork involved in installing a high-energy furnace?

Is it a good idea to insulate all the ductwork on a downdraft electric furnace?
Well it is always a good idea.


Is it Ok to replace a blower motor with one with a higher RPM?
It'll be very noisy. The blower wheel will likely self-destruct. Turning the existing wheel at a higher RPM will require more horsepower. Since the new motor is also a 3/4 horse, it will likely over-amp and burn up. HVAC system should operate in a specific CFM range that is correct for it's capacity. More airflow isn't necessarily better, it can be worse.

Is it ok to run a duct from basement to attic?

Is it possible to do your own ductwork?
Absolutely, but you have to purchase my Ductwork Installation Guide e-book first.

Is it safe to insulate an a/c air handler?

Is outside air really fresh?
Just go outside and check it out.

My dryer duct vent is located far away from dryer would that have an effect on clothes drying well.
Yes, more info on this page.

Replace metal ductwork underground.
Do not replace them - seal them. Watch videos #12 and #13 in the Duct Sealing player on this page.

Rheem classic® series 90 plus will not start after replace thermostat.
Open the lower panel on your furnace and make sure that the thermostat wires there match the terminals on your stat.

Should 95% efficiency furnace vent into crawl space?
No, it's against code.

Should I block return vents in rooms not being used?
This is a complicated issue! Get more info on this page.

Should I cut a stud to vent my range?
It's not necessary to do, just run it around.

Should warm air ducts go on inside or outside walls?
If you are talking about oval stacks or 3 ¼" x 10" (12") duct then inside, otherwise outside in a chase.

The metal boot in the attic, is this normally only insulated by the blown in insulation? I am referring the remainder of the boot below where the flex duct stops.
The boot must be duct wrapped. The duct wrap has an outer layer of foil, which serves as a vapor barrier. If there is no vapor barrier, you will likely get water dripping from the supply vents, and mold growth over time.

There is a chimney going through the shaft, can I also place a return duct in the same shaft?

Too much water from furnace breaks my ceiling.
Learn how to deal with this problem on these pages.

What are the requirements for fresh air intake for mechanical equipment?
Find a free answer on this page.

What causes a supply register to sweat?
If there are in the ceiling, they are leaking. Also, you may have a dirty filter, your AC is low on Freon, etc.

What do I insulate my hvac duct with from the unit to the house?
Your ductwork should be insulated from inside with so-called acoustic liner. However, it is possible to insulate it with the other type of insulation, but then you have to wrap it with rubber sheets.

What happens if duct pipe sags?
It may reduce the airflow.

What happens if you seal up your cold air return on your furnace?
It will help you to keep the air and temperature balance for the upstairs rooms.

What have you observed as far as any condensation problems when the ductwork is covered up with insulation? What are the issues?
The surface temperature of flex buried in loose fill insulation will be lower than the surrounding air. If that temperature is below the dew point, it will sweat.
Sometimes in places like MI it may get absorbed by the surrounding insulation and then dry out before the liquid water starts to drip. In Florida, there is no doubt, that there will be lots of liquid water.

What is a commercial duct insulation on outdoor ducts install above 32*F?
If you are having a specific question about commercial ductwork installation send it to me from this page.

What is a finished basement supply return location?
Most of the supply should be on the ceiling, some of them could be low. Most of the returns should be set low, in the walk out basement could be high on the walls or on the ceiling. Get more info on this page.

What is a job description and job duties for sheet metal duct installers?
The best answer to your question you can find on this page.

What is fresh air intake proximity to fireplace vent?
Normally the fireplace is vented through the roof, chimney or side shaft in this case should not worry you. In very rare occasions, it could be vented though sidewall, then a distance in between should be at least 10'. However, most likely you are referring to the fireplace's combustion air intake, in this case a fresh air intake can be placed right next to it.

What is minimum distance from cold air return to kitchen stove?

What is needed to make ductwork?
Sheet metal or ductboard. Learn how to make a duct on this page.

What is the best material for fresh air return?
Insulated flex. Buy one here on the right or on the left.

What is the efficiency of 92% pulling fresh air from inside building?
I do not know exact numbers, but I assume that it should be lower.

What legs under my outside unit are for?
Mostly used on heat pumps to let the unit drain defrost water and keep it above a snow line.

What materials can be used for cold air returns?
List of materials may include galvanized sheeting, sheeting nails, thermo pan, thermo ply, staples. In addition, you may need round pipes and rectangular ductwork, all kinds of fittings.

What size should the condensate drain piping be on a high efficiency furnace?
¾" PVC pipe.

Where I can find ductwork books?
If your question is about sheet metal layout books you can buy it and more on my site, right on this page, but if your question is about ductwork installation books then stay here you do not have another place to go.

Where I can find high efficiency furnace install pics?
Here, on the paid page.

Furnace Replacement

HVAC companies that are specializing on the new construction usually do not too much involved in furnace replacement business or, if it is a big company, it may have a special department dedicated just to it...

Where I can find info for flex duct installation?
I tired to provide links for these kinds of questions. Just stop fucking around, look at my site. I have a lot of info for this topic!

Where I can find the ductwork installation testimony?
Testimony? Testimony! Are you a lawyer?

Where is ductwork better to be installed attic or crawl space?
None of them is a good place for ductwork.

Where is the best place to put ducts in a plenum?
You can put them wherever you want, but on the top.

Where to find ductwork offset order form?
You do not need an offset order form! What you need is only duct size, how big
an offset should be  and its length if space is limited.

Which is the better risk? An independent who can install any brand or one that is clearly a brand-specific dealer?
Generally contractors have 1 or 2 brands they sell and install and repair all brands. Reason is that you can keep up to date with the changes and stock the needed parts for warranty repairs.
I would say stick w/the independent contractor - most brand-specific contractors are actually given kick-backs of some sort to install whatever they install, so they really don't install that brand for any other reason.

Why am I seeing water in my air conditioning floor vents?
Most likely you got dirty filters or/and your AC is low on Freon.

Why does my basement not have an air intake?
How the f*** could I know, but you may need one. Learn how to install it on this page.

Why is panning used for return air?
It is used to save on sheet metal.

Why there is a loud bang when furnace turns on?
Find an answer to this question on this page.

Banging, Oil Canning Noise Elimination

The banging noise that you hear is the expanding and contracting of the ductwork when the system turns on and off. This could be caused by a few different reasons. It could be:

Will increasing duct size after take off help air flow?
It might, just a little bit, but what's the problem to replace a take-off. Buy one on the right.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, try links to the other pages of this kind below.
Please follow the links provided on these pages, they would lead you to the free or paid pages on my site or even to the other sites where you can get your question answered!
If you are still cannot find an answer to your simple question, just ask it on this page.
If your question requires more than simple "Yes" or "No" or one sentence to answer, please ask your question on this page. Price for the question is only $1.34 and if I have already a paid page with the answer to your question, you will pay nothing. If that page is pricier that $1.34 you will pay for the page, but I will refund your money back to your PayPal account.
If I do not have an answer to your specific question, I will refund your money as well.

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