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There are a lot of different high or low humidity related problems that might occur in your house. High humidity may make you feel uncomfortable in the living space of your house and generate unwanted condensation in the attic, basement or crawl space.
In general, if you are having condensation in your basement a solution to the problem would be:
"My suggestion would be to have a static pressure test done on your duct system. Condensation on the supply side of the air handler as it exits the air handler would lead me to believe that the air is too cold coming from the air handler. If you upgraded to a 17 seer system. The first place I would look at would be the return trunk line, and filter size. High seer systems and for that matter all systems need to have the proper size duct system in order to work properly. Restrictions, leaky ducts, improper charging or all three can cause condensation on a duct system. A restriction could be, impacted evaporator coil, dirty filtration, too small of ductwork on the return and/or the supply side."
However, it is not always that easy and simple and I decided to make this page where I will collect all the humidity related issues. All secondary pages, which you can access from this one, are free. Just find your issue below and click on the link.

If you had any kind of humidity issue in the past and successfully resolved it, please describe it on this page so I can publish it on my site and you can help others as you help yourself.


Sweating Ducts and Air Handler

I found this thread on one of the Forum websites and decided to make this page because some of the visitors of my site may need this information. I strongly believe that some of visitors of my website have never even thought that the same problem may also exist in their homes and this thread may remain unnoticed by most of the people who need this information ASAP.
This is very long thread and I took only the most important posts out of it. Please read it carefully and watch eight YouTube videos on it. If you will follow the recommendations, it may protect your ductwork system and air handler from rusting and keep your house mold-free!
What to Do to Lower Humidity

Guys, here is what I have going on in my house. This is going to be long but it well gives you all the details of my home. The current Humidity levels in my home are between 52%-56%....

New Unit - Low Humidity

...Well now that we are at the peak of summer here in Florida with 97+ degree temperatures and days of 90+ humidity, it appears that this humidity thing is coming back up.
It's pulling out too much humidity. No joke. We are waking up at night with dry sinus, bloody nose, cracked lips and dry eyes....

New Unit Trouble (Condensation in Attic)

Problem: Newest (11-month-old) Amana System (model # ARUF363616BA) is condensing profusely when I turn the temperature below 75-77.
Ductwork Sweating in Utility Closet

What would cause the ductwork coming out of the air handler in a conditioned space to sweat profusely? I understand the basics of what causes condensation, and understand the need to insulate ductwork in non-conditioned space, but what does one do in this situation when the sweating ductwork is in conditioned space?

Condensate from Furnace Leaking into Crawl Space

The home is a 1400 sq ft ranch on a crawl (cement floor/walls in crawl). 3years old. The furnace is an Air Ease Tech 80 (2.5 ton). We live in NW Indiana. It's been hot and humid.....

I discovered a wet floor under the plenum and noticed the water was coming from the plenum. I opened one corner and a lot of water poured out. We have discovered some water the past 2 summers, but this year seemed worse.

I Have Mold on Air Conditioner Registers

I live in Southwest Florida; the home is 2300 sq ft, concrete block construction, built in 1997 as a built smart home under Florida power and light guidelines.

July 2010 had new A/C unit installed, Trane 4 ton 16XLI with a two speed air handler. Now I am seeing mold on the registers and on the ceiling around the registers. The humidity in the house runs between 60 to 77% with the thermostat set at 78 degrees and humidity set at 60%.If I set the humidity lower than 60% ,the A/C takes the temperature down to 72 degrees which is too cold.

How to Double Level of Relative Humidity in Your House

Low humidity level is most likely the cause of some pretty significant health issues. The optimal relative humidity level for human comfort and health is anywhere from 30% to 50%.
Here are some of the results of low humidity:....

Humidifier, Dehumidifier

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10. Whole-house Humidification System
11. TrueDRY DH65 Whole House Dehumidifier
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