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Repair or Replace Report Card

Use this card to decide if you need to replace your Furnace, Air Handler, Air Conditione, Heat Pump or Boiler

When is it Time to Replace Your Furnace?

Furnace Change-out

If it’s time to replace your old and rusty furnace you can consider to purchase the book above or you can get all the info you need almost instantly in the chapter from my Ductwork Installation Guide book below!

During almost 30 years in the ductwork and furnace installation business I personally installed and replaced hundreds if not thousands of furnaces and in this chapter you can find everything you can think of!

The chapter is written for the basement furnace replacement and covering:

  • Replacement of the 50% to 60% eff. furnace with 80% eff. furnace
  • 80% eff. furnace with 80% eff. furnace
  • 90%+ eff. furnace with 90%+ (95%, 96%, 97%) eff. furnace

If you are replacing 80% or 50 % to 60% eff. furnace with 90%+, then you may need to purchase two additional chapters from my Ductwork Installation Guide book that are covering PVC venting and condensate lines installations. Both chapters and much more you can conveniently find on the page.

Questions? Comments? Type them on this page.

59. Furnace Change-out* – the chapter is dedicated to the furnace replacement part of the trade and describes everything that an installer is suppose to know.

The chapter has 72 pictures; 27 pages.  
The price is only
$11.98 (Instant Access)

*Links to:

  • Furnace Replacement in Pictures (see below)
  • International Code

PDF files:

  • A Guide to Residential Wood Heating
  • Proper Subcooling Charging Techniques
  • Installation of Gas Piping

On 11/21/2012 25 pictures were added and text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved.

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