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How to work with ductwork.
Purchase my "Ductwork Installation Guide" book and find it out for yourself.

Long running furnace hurt heat exchanger?
Bad chambers are usually related to the age of the unit. Expanding and contracting of the metal over time will rust it.

Best type of ductwork for attic installation.
Insulated sheet metal ductwork.

Distance between fresh air and exhaust duct.


List of Simple Questions 15

On the List of Simple Questions page and on the others alike (see links to them below), you can find answers to all spectrums of issues this website is dedicated for!
If your search engine sent you to this page that means, that a similar question was asked before and you will be able to find the answer you are looking for.
Some of the questions are simple enough and you can find answers right here on this page.
The others are more complicated and I provided links to the pages on my site where you can find free information.
For the third part of the questions that are not that simple, as you may think, I provided links to the paid pages or books on my site.

A/C thermostat mounted directly above return vent, is this okay?
Yes, it is fine.

Are the supply and return ducts on self-contained air conditioning units in the same location on the unit when replacing?

Baby's room 75 degrees but low humidity...
This is fine for summertime. For the winter it depends on how low is low...

Basement flooded with the furnace taking in water. What should I be doing for safety concern? I see some wires that are definitely going to get wet.
Shut off the gas and power to the furnace, mostly for safety concern but also damage to the electronics may be minimized if the unit has no power to it.

Best flexible duct R ratings?

Can a bypass humidifier be installed without return duct connected?
No, this way it would be a useless installation.

Can a closet door application be used for a return instead of coming off of top of downflow gas furnace?
No. However, you can use it as a combustion air intake.

Can a cold air exchange replace a vent in the bathroom?

Can a damper be installed on the fresh air supply to gas furnace?
Yes, read more on this page.

Fresh Air Intake and Combustion Air Intake, in these chapters you can find important information that is not only helpful to you on saving some energy by using fresh air and combustion air intakes only when it’s necessary, but at some point even save your and your loved ones lives! Not to mention that in those chapters you can also find step-by-step explanations on how to install these two items in your house.

Can a forced hot air furnace have too many cold air return vents?
If some of them are stealing air from the others, then yes.

Can a gas supply line run through an exhaust vent?
Of course not! But, wait a second: gas supply line through an exhaust vent... Are you live in the doghouse?

Can a higher speed fan motor cause condensate to form on the trunk line during cooling?

Can a newer furnace be placed directly on the cement floor?

Can air conditioning ductwork become disconnected?
Yes, but it is very unlikely, unless this is a flex in the attic or in the crawl space.

Can an upside down cold air return grate make a room warm?

Can blocking the return increase the humidity?

Can closing crawl vents stop ducts from sweating?
No, but it will reduce sweating for some degree. So I would suggest to buy a dehumidifier. Buy it on the right.

Can dirt and debris underneath AC condenser unit be causing smell in home?
No, unless the hole for the line set isn't sealed properly.

Can dirty air filter cause smells?

Can dirty filters cause air conditioning to work slow?

Can electrical wire and duct touch?
Yes, if of cause it is insulated.

Can furnace condensate go into sump pump?

Can heat pump condensate be run inside walls?

Can high humidity and high temperatures cause ductwork to sweat?

Can I connect PVC vent pipe to metal vent pipe?
Furnace vent pipe, no, it is against code. It will rot out the metal pipe.

Can I install a forced air furnace on plywood?
Yes, if this is an Upflow furnace.

Can I lay insulation over condenser coil?
Yes, but it should have a vapor barrier.

Can I put a heat duct directly into the cold air return?
Yes, you can run a supply pipe inside cold air return chase, but seal it with the silver tape. Do not have a tape? Buy it on the right.

Can I use an updraft furnace a friend gives me in a home that used a down draft furnace?
No, you can not use that.

Can I use galvanized duct elbows for my water heater?

Can I vent a gas boiler through my basement window?

Can PVC hangers be screwed into to the sheet metal ductwork?

Can shutting off my furnace cause gas to leak into my home?

Can you connect an exhaust fan duct to an exciting duct?
Well, you can, but then you should increase rest of the existing duct, technically, in your case you cannot.

Can you duct a clothes dryer into an air conditioning return?
All other reasons aside, do you like this smell?

Can you have too much cold air return in basement?

Can you install a downflow furnace upside down?
So, are you asking if you can convert a Downflow furnace to an Upflow furnace?
Let me guess - Are you a computer programmer?

Can you seal a crawl space if it has an air handler?
Yes. However, you may consider installation of the dehumidifier. Buy one on the right.

Can you use one condensate pump on two ac units?

Can you vent bath exhaust fan into basement?
Yes, you can and I would say that you must, but only in the case if your mother-in-law lives there!

Can, may I use exhaust duct for stove flex, flexible rigid?
Yes. And you can buy it here on the right.

Correct way to connect flexible A/C air ducts to starting collar.
Put the inner sleeve on the collar and zip tie to it. Put the insulation and the outer sleeve on the collar and zip tie it again, but not that strong like the first one.

Could you paint hvac ductwork to stop condensation?

Do both combustion air and air intake pipe have to be CPVC pipe?
For the high eff. furnace you should use PVC pipes.

Do flexible air conditioning ducts use dampers?

Do I need an air return in the kitchen and dinning room if I cut an enter from the kitchen and dinning room?
No kitchen cold air returns are allowed.

Do I need cold air returns if no doors in house?
House without doors? What kind of house is it? – A museum?

Do you have to frame up when installing a return air grille?
If you are doing Rough-in then yes; if drywall is already install most likely no.

Does a furnace room need to be in the middle of the house?

Does air conditioner in crawl space produce more condensation?
No. But if the ductwork from A/C in the crawl space and it's not insulated, then yes.

Does air conditioning duct have to be hung?
If it’s in the attic in the humid environment then yes.

Does closing one vent redirect heat to another?

Does closing the chimney vent save on the power bill?
Yes, but you cannot do it if your furnace has a pilot light.

Does closing your basement door help with air conditioning?
Yes, if there is a cold air return.

Does regular metallic tape work on plenums?
Yes. Buy it on the right.

Hot air furnace should the return grilles be closed for the summer?

How can I fix the furnace when the filter gets caught in the motor?
Shut off power at the breaker, open the blower panel, pull out the filter, and call a pro if it doesn't work.

How do I install a cold air return in an existing wall?
Purchase step-by-step instructions on this page.

Closing Cold Air Return Grill 

As everybody knows the cold air sinks down, but the warm air rises up. For example in the summertime, when warm air fills your house you have to run it through A/C coil to cool it down. As your A/C unit picks up...

How do you protect low voltage wire outside an air conditioner?
You can use clear tubing, just run wire through and zip tie it to the line set. Do you need all of that? Buy it on the right.

How long to wait when an air conditioner freezes up?
It depends… For my A/C I’m already waiting for 12 long years!

How many volts should be coming out of a thermostat?
In the most cases a thermostat is energized from the furnace and it provides 24 volts.

How much slope should a dryer vent have?

How much would you charge for an after hours service call for a forced AC issue and also how much would you charge to fix a failed capacitor and check and top off the Freon?
Depends on the area that you live $75-85 per pound, $80-120 capacitor fix issue.

How short can you make a 45-degree throat for ductwork?
One inch.

How to connect furnace to bathroom fan?
Connect furnace to bathroom fan... But why?

How to crimp 3.25x10 ducts?
You should not crimp it; use S-cleat - drive connection.

How to crimp ductwork with needle nose pliers?
You should bend every first grip in and every second one out. But you can buy a crimper on the right.

How to extend ductwork to outside of house?
But for what?

How to hang ductwork by yourself?
You have to use a chain.

How to hook up window air conditioner to furnace?
Hook up a window AC to the furnace? And then what - cool down the entire house? This is a really great idea even Einstein could not dream of!

How to install ductwork in finished walls?
Strip the drywall, install ductwork...

How to install my vents in my house pictures?
Look, nobody can take pictures of your vents especially in your own house!

How to install wall register heating?
It is not difficult, but you have learn a couple of useful tips and tricks! Learn how to do it in the Chapter #52 of my Ductwork Installation Guide e-book.

52. Registers and Grills Installation* – the chapter describes registers and grills installation. Also, presents some important tips on how to do that.
The chapter has 3 pictures; 3 pages*. $1.86 (Instant Access).

Return Grille Locations. Air Distribution & ASHRAE Outlet Selection.,pdf file.

On 10/30/2011 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved.

How to lengthen cycle time on over sized heat pump?
Well, I guess you have to just the opposite of what I'm suggesting to do on this page...

How to make a duct offset for free?
Learn the formula and way to use it on this page and make as many duct offsets as you want for free!

How to screw s-cleats into duct to stop banging noise?
Get a solution on this page.

How to stop people from listening in my air vents?
For God's sake - just stop talking!

I have condensation dripping from one of my AC vents in my bedroom. My assumption is that the interior warm air from the room is meeting the cold air from the attic causing the condensation - thus dripping from the vent to the floor. If I close the vent, it becomes worse, if I leave it open it lessens a bit. What are your suggestions for correcting?
Remove grille, and seal the cracks around the boot, then seal the grille to the ceiling.

I noticed while outside the fan was running but I could here something cut on and then cut right back off. And then a minute later same thing, it cuts on and then off. And I can feel air being pushed though the vent but it’s not cold like it should. I made sure I turned it down (thermostat) so it should have stayed on.
Possibly a bad capacitor. Sometimes a capacitor will show no signs of visual failure and still be bad. It is much cheaper to buy a new cap than the meter to test it. A capacitor will run you less than $20. You will have to look in the phone book for A/C part wholesalers and call to see if they will sell it to you. Take the old one with you. You might be able to get one at an electric motor repair shop too.

I want to replace my hvac ductwork myself.
Yes, you can do it, but purchase my Ductwork Installation Guide book first.

Is closing a register the same as closing a damper for a/c?
Technically yes, but better do it with a damper.

Is flex duct more restrictive than metal?

Is it normal to have a black oily substance coming out onto the concrete slab of my air conditioning condenser unit?

Is there a site where a consumer can go to find out how to install ductwork on a 4-ton carrier heat pump split system?
But you are already there!

Is there registers on top of my ductwork for my A/C?
Rather not, they usually put it on the side or on the bottom.

Issues with running a condensate line from the hvac system in the attic into the plumbing drain line?
You always have to have a P-trap filled with water.

Looking for step-by-step to install flue block and liner for a chimney.
You can find step-by-step instructions in Chapter #59 from my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

59. Furnace Changeout* – the chapter is dedicated to another part of the trade and describes everything that an
installer is suppose to know to perform a furnace replacement.
The chapter has 72 pictures; 27 pages. $11.98 (Instant Access)

*Link to:
Furnace Replasement in Pictures.
On 10/12/2011 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved.
PDF files:

A Guide to Residential Wood Heating.
Proper Subcooling Charging Techniques.

My attic A/C drip pan is constantly filling (& draining) with condensation. What's going on?
The pan under the unit is an emergency pan piped out to the outside separate from the unit condensate. That trap, coming off the unit, is blocked, the insulation is wet and the panel is dripping, it's why pan inside is full.

Should I have cold air coming out of the plenum in my attic?

Should scoops be installed in ducts?
Yes, sometimes you may need them.

Should water feed on furnace humidifier be turned off for summer?
Yes, by turning your humidistat off.

Since we keep the basement vents closed, would it be ok to add another vent in the great room or would that mess up the balance of the entire system?
If the great room is above one of those closed vents, or you will be running the new supply from the area of that closed vent. No problem.

What do the winter and summer settings do on my carrier performance bypass humidifier?
In the wintertime, damper should be open, humidistat set on the desired level of RH, in the summertime damper should be closed, and humidistat turned off.

What do you call equipment that attaches to ductwork?
A furnace; a heat pump with an air handler or with furnace.

What do you call the vent where you put an air filter?
Cold air return.

What is the difference between hot air return and a cold air return?
It is just different names for the same thing.

What is the name of the ductwork right above my furnace?

What should be done to combustion air ducts in order to avoid condensation on the outside of the duct?
It should be insulated.

What to do if you find a nest in air conditioner duct?
Scrambled eggs.

Where does the offset for round pipe formula come from?
It's the same formula you can use for the rectangular duct. Learn more on this page.

Where should the air handler, in hot humid environments, be installed? In the attic, garage or inside house?                                                                                                                                                              Preferably in a conditioned space, somewhere that it is readably accessible for service. For maximum efficiency, the duct work should be in the conditioned space too, but that is not always practical. 

Offset and Riser Formula 

On this page you can find out how to calculate an Offset and a Riser, and formulas on how to find a distance between two flat and stack forty-fives and more!

Which duct installation is proper? Category: 1. Heating & cooling both supply and return registers on inside walls, 2. Supply registers on outside walls and returns on inside walls, 3. Both supply and return registers on outside walls, 4. Supply registers on inside walls and returns on outside walls.
2. For more info please visit this page.

Why do they say do not block off your a/c vents in rooms you don't use?
Well it just because they didn't look at the bottom of this issue, find the answer on this page.

Why does furnace fan keep going after furnace shuts down?
Your fan on the thermostat set on the "On" position.

Why should the cold air return be at floor level?
No, it shouldn't but it might be there.

Why you should not add fresh air intake to home furnace?
I do not know, but why?

Will closing vent in unused room save energy?
Yes, it might, but you have to follow the certain rules to make it work. Get more info on this page.

Will high humidity levels cause condensation on ductwork in basement?

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