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Lambro #402L Roof Vent Kit 

Product Description

Bathroom Fan Roof Vent Kit: Includes 4' Black Plastic Roof Cap, 4' x 8' Lama Flex, Plastic Adaptor & 2 Clamps.
8" Galvanized Steel roof cap with Backdraft Damper

Product Features

Duct Diameter : 8 inches
Arterial: Galvanized Steel
Roof Cap with damper flap closure, duct connection and screened exhaust opening.
Stainless steel or copper roof caps available by special order
Deflect-O RCDVT Exhaust Roof Cap with Tailpiece for Dryer Venting 

Customer Review

Installed 5 months ago to replace the roof vent that Pulte Homes proudly installed to the end of our Dryer line instead of approved Dryer exhaust (yeah - no kidding). The installation was relatively easy as I was replacing an existing vent and it gives me piece of mind that the fire hazard (and potentially illegal vent) was removed.
The material looks like a solid plastic that would not crack - but let's see what the winter will do. The vent has big flap and big enough exhaust so no lint was caught in the past few months of use. Let's see how often the cleaning will be required.
Stanley 43-609 11-3/4-Inch FatMax Xtreme Magnetic Torpedo Level

Customer Review

Good level, don’t know that I'd go "great" on it, but it is very good. Extremely heavy duty, strong magnet, and one adjustable level makes for a very solid torpedo level. May be a little too large to make it a comfortable back pocket torpedo level or for some work belts.
Amazon’s price crushes any Lowes or Home Depot price as usual.
Klein 931-9RE Rare Earth Magnet Torpedo Level

Customer Review
Typical Klein. Made in the USA, well made, strong magnets. There is a reason most electricians choose Klein tools.
Stabila 25100 10-Inch Die-Cast Rare Earth Magnetic Level

Customer Review

This is my second Stabila torpedo level and I just can't see using anything else. With its magnetic edge, it a great 3rd hand (so to speak) in tight spots.
Aprilaire Model 400 Automatic Whole-house Drainless Bypass Humidifier with Digital Control

Customer Review

Installation was easy. Unit is working as advertised. I really like the ability of the unit to power itself and the blower on and humidify the house even when the furnace is not running and the ability of the humidistat to automatically adjust the humidity as the outside temperature changes. No wasted water is a bonus.

List of Simple Questions 7

On the List of Simple Questions page and on the others alike (see links to them below), you can find answers to all spectrums of issues this website is dedicated for!
If your search engine sent you to this page that means, that a similar question was asked before and you will be able to find the answer you are looking for.
Some of the questions are simple enough and you can find answers right here on this page.
The others are more complicated and I provided links to the pages on my site where you can find free information.
For the third part of the questions that are not that simple, as you may think, I provided links to the paid pages or books on my site.

So, please scroll down, find your question and good luck! 

130 degree how hot should gas furnace ductwork get?
Check out the sticker inside of your furnace, in the most cases the temperature cannot exceed 170*F.

Air duct vent relocation solutions.
I have Chapter #1 (below) in my Energy Saving Edition book for you to read.

Closing Supply Registers

The basic idea behind this – you have to close supply vents in the rooms, which you do not use and it will conserve energy, and save money. I tried to do it in my house and I have discovered the fact that if I’m closing all vents...

Any danger in closing up heat duct vent in wall?
If you have only so many vents for your furnace you may overheat it. Get more info on this page (above).

Are cold air returns necessary on direct vent furnaces?
They are necessary on any type of furnaces.

Are there books on how to insulate metal ductwork in a home?
No, but I have a paid page on my site dedicated to this issue (below).

Ductwork Insulation

Before insulating, seal all the gaps around drive, pipe connections and take-offs. The best stuff for duct seal are special mastics or duct sealants...

Are you supposed to turn off gas in summertime furnace?
If you have an old furnace with a pilot on all the time you must turn it off, otherwise it's up to you.

Can an old sweating metal ac duct be repaired?
It would be better to replace it.

Can bathroom fans duct into waste vents in attic?
No. But you can vent it through the roof cap or through the soffit cap. Just buy one of them on this page.

Can dryer exhaust be greater than 4"?
No, because it will reduce speed of airflow.

Can gas vent run through space with cold air return?

Can I use flexible gas connection for my furnace?
Yes, you can, but first call to your city building department. If they okay it buy it on this page on the right or on the left.

Can I use make up air from your attic in my restaurant?
No, and do not even ask why!

Can I use my existing flue when changing furnace?
Yes, only if this is the same type of furnace.

Can return air be on basement ceiling?
Yes, it can, but better keep it low. Learn how to do it on the page below.

Basement Cold Air Return in Pictures

On this page, you can see pictures of all materials and tools necessary for installation. Pictures, which represent installation...

Can you burry an air duct?
Well, if it is dead, why not!

Can you connect a clothes dryer vent with a New Yorker residential heating boiler?

Can you install a humidifier on the supply duct?
You are probably asking about the plenum. Yes, you can, but it would be better put it on the cold air drop.Learn how to do it on the page below.

51. Humidifier Installation* – the chapter gives a description of three types of humidifiers installation: Bypass 
flow through, Powered flow – through, Drum and Steam style humidifiers.
The chapter has 18 pictures; 9 pages*. $2.37 (Instant Access).
On 09/05/2011 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved.
Central Humidifiers.
PDF files:
Skuttle, Aprilaire, Honeywell

Can you put a down flow furnace in a basement?
If you are having underground ductwork, then yes.

Can you run an over the counter microwave/exhaust fan into the attic?
No, it should be run to the outside.

Can you run ductwork downward when installing a microwave?
Yes.Learn how to do it on the page below.

Microwave Kitchen Exhaust

This chapter describes all three cases of the kitchen vents installation: kitchen hood vent, microwave oven hood vent, and Jenn-Air fan vent; explains the roof and wall cap terminations; covers basement and attic ductwork installation...

Can you use flex duct for over range vent?
Yes, if it's a rigid one. Learn how to do it on the page below.

How to Hook up Kitchen Hood in Remodeling Project Installation in Pictures

On this page you can find a step-by-step guidance that include 9 high quality pictures with brief explanations.

The price of this page is only $1.34.

Closing fireplace fresh air vent.
Personally, I do not use fireplace in my house at all, so I have blocked both: exhaust and intake.

Cold air return takes up to much space as our basement has low ceilings, can I reduce the size of it?
Speaking in general terms - yes you can.

Do I need a heating vent in basement bathroom?
If there no window you may avoid it, but I would put it in there anyway as a bath fan exhaust make up air. Learn how to do it on the page below.

Bathroom Heat for Finished Basement (Installation in pictures)

If your bathroom is located somewhere in the middle of your finished basement, you do not need to supply too much air into it. You just need a vent to compensate air losses to the bath fan and not much else.
On this page, you will learn how to tee-off an existing duct, which is working for the adjacent storage room in order to rout some air to the bathroom.

On the page, you can see 12 pictures of the tools and materials and 7 pictures of installation that represent it in the step-by-step manner.
In addition I've included some brief explanations, which made this page twice as valuable!

Do I need to cover furnace exhaust vent with a screen?
Yes, you might do it.

Do microwaves require a 4 or 6-inch duct?

Do you have pictures of mini split systems installed?
Yes I do, just go to this page.

Do you know if you can exhaust a high efficient furnace through an existing sheet metal flue?
I was told you could run PVC from the furnace and couple it to the old stack. No! This person doesn't know anything about furnace venting. Check your installation instructions for venting requirements.

Do you need to crimp rectangular duct?

Does a microwave hood need ductwork?

Does combustion intake need fresh air?
Yes, directly or indirectly it should have fresh air.

Does the cold air return need to be on the floor?
No. It should be on the wall.Learn how to install it on the page below.

Cold Air Return in Basement

I'm remodeling my basement. It has 4 heat vents and no cold air returns. The basement is always cold. Do I need to add cold...

Dry eyes due to low humidity in the house.
I have a page on my site dedicated to this issue (below). And you can install a whole house humidifier - buy one of them on this page on the right or on the left.

How to Double Level of Relative Humidity in Your House

Low humidity level is most likely the cause of some pretty significant health issues. The optimal relative humidity level for human comfort and health is anywhere from 30% to 50%.
Here are some of the results of low humidity:

Heating vent make clicking noises, can't sleep.
Well, if you can't sleep, why you didn't purchase my Ticking Noise Elimination page (below)?

Ticking Noise Elimination

If you did not finish your basement off yet then it would be relatively simple to fix. Also, if in your basement you have a drop ceiling then consider yourself as a lucky one, the most difficult task would be if your ductwork is covered with the drywall!..

How can I tell the difference between the A/C return and supply lines?
If air blows out - it is a supply, but if it sucks in it is a return.

How do I install cold air return registers?
Learn how to do it in Chapter #52 of my Ductwork Installation Guide book (below).

52. Registers and Grills Installation* – the chapter describes registers and grills installation. Also, presents some important tips on how to do that.
The chapter has 3 pictures; 3 pages*. $1.86 (Instant Access).

Return Grille Locations. Air Distribution & ASHRAE Outlet Selection.,pdf file.

On 10/30/2011 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved.

How do I install ductwork in attic area over the garage?
Part of Chapter #55 (below) in my Ductwork Installation Guide book is dedicated to this issue.

55. Installation of Heating System in Big Houses* – the chapter presents all aspects ductwork and
furnace installation in the houses (larger then 5000 square feet). The chapter describes furnace and ductwork attic installation, explains how to run ductwork from the basement to the attic and so on.
The chapter has 74 pictures; 26 pages*. $3.41 (Instant Access).

*Link to
Top of the Line House (Installation in Pictures).
05/25/2013 five more pictures were added.

How do I insulate range hood ductwork running through unconditioned attic space?
You can insulate it with the wrap or sleeve insulation.

How do I know if my heat pump system is too small?
If it doesn't keep up with the load - working constantly and will never satisfy the thermostat, then it's one of the reasons your system is too small.

How do I reconnect the ductwork if a new furnace is smaller?
Find the answer in the chapter below.

Furnace Replacement

HVAC companies that are specializing on the new construction usually do not too much involved in furnace replacement business or, if it is a big company, it may have a special department dedicated just to it...

How do I rough in ceiling return air grill?
Learn how to do it in Chapter #56 (below) of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

56. Air Handler Installation*# – the chapter describes an air handler installation in the attic. The chapter has 23 pictures; 7 pages*. $2.50 (Instant Access).
*Register Installation Quiz.
PDF files:

Air handler Installation Manual.
Proper Subcooling Charging Techniques.

#From code:
M1305.1.3 Appliances in attics.

On 07/28/2011 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. Link to the International Code added (11/05/2012).

How do you put a 4 in. galvanized duct together?
I have a paid page for this matter.

How to Put  Pipe Together 

The round pipes’ snap lock seam is designed for easy connection, but sometimes...

How far away does flex duct need to be from a furnace?
It can even touch it, zero clearance.

How joist panning connecting to square duct?
It's easy, you can find an answer to this question in Chapter #34 (below) of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

34. Sheeting (Panning)* – the chapter covers almost all possible cases of the joist's panning  with a wide variety of uncommon cases, presents how to deal with penetration of the wires, copper and PVC pipes.
The chapter has 34 pictures; 21 pages*. $2.50 (Instant Access).

Summary Report for:
47-2211.00 - Sheet Metal Workers

On 07/05/2013 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. 

How many elbows can you put in a supply duct?
You can put as many as necessary, but learn about the best practices of doing that in Chapter #44 (below) of my "Ductwork Installation Guide" book.

44. "Jumper" Installation – the chapter gives a description how to make 45 degree angle from the “elbow”.
Chapter covers all possible cases of measurement, calculation and installation of the “jumpers”. Also the chapter covers several uncommon cases of the “jumper” installation.
The chapter has 59 pictures; 29 pages*. $2.50 (Instant Access).

On 08/25/2013 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved.

How much air intake is needed in new gas furnace installation?
If your question is about the cold air returns then you need as much as you can get.

How to change a forced air heat register from floor to ceiling?
Before you do, decide why you want to do it in the first place!

How to connect 3.25x10 ducts?
You have to connect it with S-cleats and Drive-cleats.

How to connect a cold air return to filter on outside of furnace?
You can find a step-by-step tutorial for this installation in Chapter #40 (below) of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

40. Cold Air Return Duct Installation#– the chapter covers a wide variety of the different aspects of work that is necessary to know in order to be able to install the cold air return duct, such as: how to take measurements and how to cut in a canvas, how to put together a duct, fold drives, and nail hangers. The chapter explains how to hang a duct if you are working alone or with a helper, how to install a cold air drop etc. In addition, there is a description on how to take a measurement and cut a piece of duct. Furthermore, the chapter explains how to make measurements and cut openings for cold air returns in the duct, and describes three ways on how to connect two ducts together. In the end, the chapter represents a few uncommon cases of the cold air duct installation.
The chapter has 66 pictures; 39 pages*, $3.50 (Instant Access).

#From the UMC 2000 aka CMC.
On 08/24/2013 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. Two pictures added.

How to connect flex duct to existing metal ductwork?
I have Chapter #56 (above) in my Ductwork Installation Guide book dedicated to this issue.

How to cut insulation for round air duct elbow?
Roll it over a piece of insulation, add 6" and cut a piece to length. Wrap an elbow and secure it with a piece of foil tape. Cut extra insulation off with the utility knife along the elbow's edges.

How to get the right amount of air in cold return?
Do not worry about that; just make as many cold air returns as you can!

How to install a cold air return filter box on my furnace?
Find the answer to this question in Chapter #56 (above) of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

How to install central air in a house with no ductwork videos?
There are no good quality videos on a market anyway, so the best chance for you is to purchase my Ductwork Installation Guide book (below). If you disagree with these words, please contact me on this page.

Ductwork Installation Guide

Introducing a completely current and innovative way to learn the basics of Ductwork and Furnace Installation!...

How to install dampers in ductwork?
If your question is about a pipe then, pierce a hole with a scratch awl, make this hole larger, poke the bolt through the hole with the washer on, put a handle on and tighten the wing nut.

How to install ductwork takeoffs?
You can find a step-by-step tutorial for this installation in Chapter #41 (below) of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

41. Supply Ductwork Installation* – the chapter deals with the take-offs installation. It is explains how to make measurement, cut in and tap in a take-off. The Chapter describes all possible cases of the take-offs installation.
The chapter has 19 pictures; 9 pages*. $2.37 (Instant Access).

*Drive Connection Trick Quiz.
Offset Calculation Quiz.

On 08/24/2013 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved.

How to know undersized ducting?
Undersized return air duct(s) which can impede efficiency and overwork your compressor. Improperly sized ductwork is resulting in inadequate or noisy airflow.

How to measure oval ducting?
The same way as a round one.

How to plumb a furnace condensate line?
You can use a torpedo level. Do not have one? Buy it on this page on the right or on the left.

How to replace old rusty cold air return ducts?
The same way you would install a new one. For more info, please purchase Chapter #40 (above) of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

How to seal a hole in ductwork with an end cap?
You have to make S-sides and drive-sides on the duct to match them on the end cap and use S-cleats and drive-clits for connection. Apply some silicone or duct sealant.

How to take a ductwork apart?
Learn how to do it below.

How to Take Apart a Galvanized Pipe

Recently I was working in the basement, doing heat runs, and probably I was thinking too much how to improve my website! As a result I put  too many six inch pipes together – nine of them. When the job was done to my surprise I've discovered nine...

22. How to Take Apart a Duct Trick

Let’s say you put together an extra duct. What should you do now? Send it back to the shop – no, bad idea! During transportation this duct will be definitely crumpled, or it will be crumpled at the shop, or on the way to a new jobsite…
Just take it apart!

How to vent furnace PVC through vinyl siding wall?
It's easy, you can find an answer to this question in Chapter #49 (below) of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

49. Venting* – the chapter is divided in two parts and describes all possible cases of installation and termination of the
venting for 80% and 90+% furnaces.
The chapter has 49 pictures; 26 pages*. $2.50 (Instant Access).

Venting & Draining Condensing Gas Furnaces
Laundry and Condensing Furnaces Don't Mix.

On 08/18/2013 text of this chapter was significantly modified and improved. One photo were added.

I am removing a wall between my kitchen and dining area. Can I safely discontinue the heating duct in that wall or must I reduce it to a floor heating vent to keep the balance in the heating system. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
You have to reduce it to a floor vent, otherwise the same area will get cold.
If you're redoing the floor and the vent will now be in a middle of a large room, best practice is to open the subfloor (assuming you have drywall ceiling underneath) and get the register to an exterior wall.

I am wanting to install a Aprilaire humidifier to my furnace. The exhaust pipe is in the way. Can I lower the 45°bend at top of straight section of pipe to where the straight pipe exits furnace and reroute exhaust pipe?

You can remove the top elbow and attach it to the top of the furnace and leave it at a 45 deg angle.







I would like to see finished basement with metal studs photos.
You can see it in Chapter #54 (below) of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

54. Basement Finishing – the chapter presents all aspects regarding ductwork installation in the finished basement.
The chapter describes how to install a zoning system, heat runs, cold air returns, and bath fan exhausts. Also the chapter explains how to deal with the different types of the drop ceiling, wood and metal studs.
The chapter has 49 pictures; 23 pages*. $10.62 (Instant Access).

On 06/10/2013 two pics and text were added.

If you move a cold air return, do you have to patch the ductwork?

Is a cold air return needed if a furnace draws fresh air from outside?
If you are not asking about a commercial kitchen makeup air unit, any furnace needs a cold air return.

Is it better to have a hood or a microwave with top vent?
A microwave hood serves both ways, while a kitchen hood only one.

Is it common to bring in outside air to your furnace or just let furnace recycle air in the home?
Yes, they named it a fresh air intake.

Is it safe to close vents in crawlspace in winter if a gas furnace is down there?
If your crawl space is insulated and sealed then you can do it.

Joining 9x12 ducts between I-Joists.
This isn't very difficult to do. Learn how to do it in Chapter #41 (above) of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

Pictures of connecting bathroom fan duct "in the wall".
You can see them on the Top of the Line House Ductwork Installation page below.

Top of the Line House Ductwork Installation page – if you are planning to build a beautiful and expensive house this page is just for you!

So, if you would like to see all these pictures presented on the page, 122 of them, please pay $2.00 for the instant access to the page.

Sealing floor register from basement air.
You can use foam spray for this matter.

Should a bedroom over a garage have a cold air return?
Any bedroom should have a cold air return.

Should be a central air return placement low or high on wall?
Learn more for this issue on this page.

Should hvac ductwork be off the floor in an unfinished basement?
It must be 1" off the joists for a supply and tight to the joists for the return.

Should I close heat vents in my basement?
If you are not using them then yes.

Should I insulate ductwork in crawl space?
According to recent changes in code, you should do it.

Should the condensate pump on my furnace have water in it?
Absolutely, it is what the condensate pump is designed for.

The air return vent is in an upper corner of the living room wall, at the ceiling. The grille is metal and has angled slats. Should the slats be angled up toward the ceiling? Or down toward the room? Or doesn't it really matter?
It doesn't matter except for aesthetics. If you don't want to see inside the grille, point them up.

Tools for installation of ducts.
You can find a list of all tools for ductwork installation in Chapter #1 (below) of my Ductwork Installation Guide book. Also you can buy most of it on this page.

1. Introduction* – the chapter gives a brief description of the Ductwork Installation Guide book contents.
Tools and Equipment – presents most of the tools available for the ductwork installation.
Chapters have 92 pictures, 26 pages**, $1.86 (Instant Access)

How to Use Power Tools Safely
Proper Tools Preparation.
**Of course, it is only one webpage, but if you print, it would take 12 standard 8 ½" x 11 paper pages.

What are Colorado heater fresh air intake code requirements?
I believe they are the same for the rest of the country.


What difference is between bypass and power humidifier?
A bypass humidifier connects supply and return, while power humidifier has a fan inside of it. 

What does it mean when you have water trapped between a/c duct and insulation?
That means that there are gaps in your insulation.

What is code for condensate pump in an attic?
Personally, I never heard about a condensate pump in an attic installation, you should use gravity instead.

What is the difference between a return chase and supply ducts?
The main difference is in the materials. For the supply ducts you have to use sheet metal, but for the return wood and drywall it could be used.

What is the industry standard way to measure CO in residential gas furnaces?
You should measure at the furnace with a combustion analyzer.

What is the maximum flex ductwork length?
25'.But you can splice two of them together.

What is the maximum safe limit of CO?
Average levels in homes without gas stoves vary from 0.5 to 5 parts per million (ppm). Levels near properly adjusted gas stoves are often 5 to 15 ppm and those near poorly adjusted stoves may be 30 ppm or higher.

What is the soft material that is between around my furnace plenum?
It is probably foam insulation.

What to do if you cut the cold air return on the wrong side of the furnace?
Try to turn furnace at 180*, if it does not work patch it or you can connect this furnace to the cold air drop on both sides. Learn how to do it in Chapter #55 (above) of my Ductwork Installation Guide book.

What works best insulated flex duct or galvanized duct for air return?
Galvanized duct is always better.

Where do you install a humidifier to my ductwork?
The best place is on the cold air drop.

Where I can find do-it-yourself ductwork installation book?
Surprise, surprise - you can find it on this website.

Where I can see images of offset ducting?
On this page (below).

Offset and Riser Formula 

On this page you can find out how to calculate an Offset and a Riser, and formulas on how to find a distance between two flat and stack forty-fives and more!

Where should inducer condensation drain run out?
It should be dumped to the floor drain or to the condensate pump.

Where should return be supply outlets in ceiling?
Next to the windows.

Which side of the furnace is for cold air return?
At that side where the blower sits.

Which tape should I use to seal off furnace registers?
You should not use tape for this matter.

Why did my hvac installer install a return air vent that pulls in outside air?
It is probably a fresh air intake.

Why does my bath fan blow air back into the bathroom?
Something is blocking the exhaust.

Why electronic furnace air filters makes constant ticking sound?
Because of it's a moronic design! Disconnect the power and replace all it guts with a 4" - 5" pleated filter.

Why my air return filters popping after air shuts off?
Many air units have filters located in the grill, usually without a filter at the handler. It will decrease intake flow but, here again, many handlers can be set to operate at faster and slower speeds. The problem you may run into is if there is too much 'drag' on the intake, is 'oil-canning' at the air handler.
There is a popping noise that happens when the air handler shuts off. The noise is caused by excessive negative pressure in the air handler, which could result from too much drag caused by multiple filters and/or the handler speed is too high or ducts too small, or even clogged filters.

Five Solutions to Solve your Noisy Air Filter Problems

Air filter noises are all too common in residential heating and air conditioning equipment and there are many causes. Although it's the noise that gets your attention, that may only be the symptom of a much bigger problem. Undersized return grills and return ducts are unfortunately very common. They are also the most difficult problems to correct. However, there some other reasons for air conditioner filters being noisy that you should consider first.

Why my ductwork makes a clicking sound when I turn on the heat?
It's because so far you have not visited this page (above) on my site!

Why my high efficiency gas furnace vent "blowing water"?
Your furnace has a P-trap inside, maybe it’s clogged, or if your condensate line is glued directly to the P-trap then it can be clogged.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, try links to the other pages of this kind below.
Please follow the links provided on these pages, they would lead you to the free or paid pages on my site or even to the other sites where you can get your question answered!
If you are still cannot find an answer to your simple question, just ask it on this page.
If your question requires more than simple "Yes" or "No" or one sentence to answer, please ask your question on this page. Price for the question is only $1.34 and if I have already a paid page with the answer to your question, you will pay nothing. If that page is pricier that $1.34 you will pay for the page, but I will refund your money back to your PayPal account.
If I do not have an answer to your specific question, I will refund your money as well.

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Honeywell HE265DG115 By-pass Humidifier

Product Features
Bypass flow-through humidifier with TrueIAQ digital control Features a small footprint, lightweight and reversible components Comes pre-assembled for quicker installation. Choose from automatic humidity control or standard humidistat. Measurements are 19 x 11.25 x 9 inches
Aprilaire Model 500 Automatic Whole-house Bypass Humidifier with Digital Control 

Customer Review

Solid product. Note that there's a bit of work to installing this yourself, but a reasonable handyman DIY type should be able to handle it. I live in Minneapolis and even in Oct, the air starts to get pretty dry, after less than a day I could notice a significant difference.
Honeywell HM509H8908 Truesteam 9-Gallon Humidifier

Product Description

TrueSTEAM takes the best features from current steam humidifiers with their efficiency, performance and decreased water consumption, and combines it with the ease of installation, reliability and value of flow-through humidifiers. TrueSTEAM is different from others because it operates independent of equipment operation. And, with its near 1:1 humidification delivery rate, TrueSTEAM delivers the right amount of humidification to keep your customers satisfied. This product should be purchased & installed by a qualified contractor.
Honeywell HE220A Whole House Bypass Humidifier

Product Description

This flow-thru by-pass whole house humidification unit is low maintenance, cost effective, and is simple to operate. This unit requires good access to a return duct and drain. The humidifier mounts on supply plenum or return. By-pass carries air from supply, through humidifier, to return.
Bosch GPL3T 3-Point Torpedo Laser Alignment Kit

Customer Review

Great product--great price. I originally saw this item at Lowes, with a sale price of $99. Shopped around online and found it at Amazon for almost $30 less than the price at Lowes. It's a nice tool, and the machining and accuracy is great. It allows me to perform leveling tasks that formerly took two people or a lot of time fiddling with a string level. One suggested improvement would be to alter the case to hold the supplemental leveling base plate. Because it won't fit in the case, it's likely to get separated from the tool and lost or left behind. Otherwise, I have no complaints about this tool.
Stanley 43-511 Magnetic Shock Resistant Torpedo Level

Customer Review
Not my primary level, but this one is perfect and was a great price for the more portable tool box. Seems sturdy and accurate, with rubber in the right places when (not if) you drop it during use or transit. Price seemed good, too.
Whirlpool 30-48KITRC Gas Range Connector Kit 

Customer Review

The kit I received worked great. It's good they included the 3/4" adapter (as well as two 1/2" ones), since I needed that to connect the supply side. The hose I received was steel with a yellow protective coating. Your hose will look yellow instead of metallic like the picture. Installation will take two wrenches that handle at least 1-1/8" or so, can't remember exactly. I really had to crank these suckers on to get a leak free seal on my supply side - no limp-arming it.
Broan-Nutone 636 Roof Vent Cap Only 

Customer Review
Several months ago, I purchased this vent for my master bath. Now, I am purchasing a second vent because we are upgrading a second bath. Product is made to last and is easy to install. Quality all-metal product. Durable and well manufactured piece of equipment. Great value for the price! I do wish it came with a collar for easy hookup of flex pipe. (Minor problem) I won't hesitate to recommend this one.
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