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Concentric Vent Under My Deck
When this spring I decided to reface and extend my deck I got a problem: How would I do it if the furnace concentric vent will be right under it?
First of all it's against the code because the vapors which furnace produces will condensate on the joists. These harmful vapors if consist carbon monoxide may react with water and reactant is carbonic acid. Over the time it may destroy your deck.

So, I found a solution!
The main problem here - you cannot connect the exhaust part to any standard fitting because the pipe itself is a bit larger than any PVC coupling or elbow.

However in The Home Depot I found this flexible coupling which not without struggle managed to put on! After that everything else was very simple:

  • I drilled a 5" hole in the ledger board and cut out some wood at the bottom
  • This hole should be cut few inches lower, but I made a mistake in my calculations...
  • Cut out a piece of 2" PVC pipe so it sticking out for ¾" - just enough to glue a 2" elbow to it.
  • Applied some PVC cement on the other end of it so it glued to the concentric
  • Put a 2" PVC elbow on and angled about 30 degrees up
  • Found hole's dimensions and after drilling a pilot hole, drilled 2 ½" hole with my hole saw.
  • Glued all the parts together
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