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On this site you can follow step-by-step instructions to learn all you need to know to install a dryer vent in your home.
If you are a ductwork installer you learn how to do it on these two pages (
1, 2).
On this site you can get answers to your questions, such as: How long can my dryer vent be? The maximum length for a dryer vent varies greatly between brands and models. The vent material and the…
Get some materials for your dryer venting project on this site: 4" Vent Hood w/Pipe & Collar, White 4" Vent Hood w/Pipe & Collar-White Assembled, 4" Vent Hood w/Pipe & Collar-White 4" Vent ...
On this website you can learn how to install a Dryer Vent, to speed up clothes drying and prevent lint build-up, install a smooth metal dryer vent. These step-by-step directions walk you ...
NOTE: This tutorial covers the conventional gas furnace (up to 89% AFUE). For a tutorial that supplements this tutorial and covers issues unique to the high efficiency gas furnace (90% AFUE and above), see Troubleshooting a High Efficiency Condensing Furnace.
Most problems with gas furnaces are fix-it-yourself jobs, such as changing the filter. Use this chart for troubleshooting your gas furnace.
Learn more about the best furnace on the market: Rheem offers the finest gas furnace heating solutions in the business.
The following checklist will help jog your memory on how to properly troubleshoot a gas-fired furnace.
Shop Grainger for 459 Products of Furnace Blowers.
On this website you can learn how a furnace gas valve works. A furnace gas valve is also known as a pilot gas valve. It is responsible for supplying the furnace's burners with flammable gas...
You can buy Honeywell Gas Control Valve series include VR8200, VR8300 and others. These standing pilot gas control valves come in a variety of models…
You can buy HVAC parts on this website: heating parts, air conditioning parts, Rheem parts, York parts, Coleman parts, Goodman parts, Janitrol parts, Heil parts, Nordyne Parts...
Rheem-Ruud - Carrier/Bryant - Carrier/Day and Night - York-Luxaire...
YouTube Video List
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Dryer Vent
Bathroom Fan
Condensate Drains
Crawl Space Mold
Duct Sealing
Energy Saving
Furnace Blower 1
Furnace Problems
Gas Furnace Temperature Controls 1
Global Warming
Heat Pump Noise
HVAC Controls
HVAC Ductulator
HVAC Electric Heat strips
HVAC Heat Pumps
HVAC Install
HVAC Pressure Controls
Microwave, Range Hood
Troubleshooting of 80% and 90%+ Efficiency Furnaces
Whole House Fan


Dryer Vent

01. Kenmore Dryer Repair Video 1
02. Kenmore Dryer Repair Video 2
03. Kenmore Dryer Repair Video 3
04. Kenmore Dryer Repair Video 4
05. Kenmore Dryer Repair Video 5
06. Kenmore Dryer Repair Video 6
07. Kenmore Dryer Repair Video 7
08. Kenmore Dryer Repair Video 8
09. Kenmore Dryer Repair Video 9
10. Kenmore Dryer Repair Video 10
11. Dryer Vent Cleaning
12. RamAir System Cleaning a Dryer Duct
13. Dryer Vents Ruin Homes and Make People Sick by Marko Vovk
14. Home Improvement & Repair on Video: How to Repair a Clothes Dryer

15. Install a Dryer

Troubleshooting of 80% and 90%+ Efficiency Furnaces

1. Sequence of operation of the 80% AFUE efficient gas furnace Goodman
2. 394GAW / 58GS Sequence of operation.
3. How the 90% gas furnace cycles
4. No heat furnace: check the thermostat. Part 1
5. No heat furnace: Check the thermostat. Part 2
6. Mechanical wall thermostat lag and overshoot and the anticipator part 1
7. Adjusting the thermostat anticipator part 2
8. Adjustment of the thermostat anticipator without a meter
9. Furnace won’t start. What to do before calling the repair man
10. How to service the 80% AFUE gas furnace overview part 1
11. How to service the 80% gas furnace, flame rod checks. Part 3
12. How to test the 80%AFUE gas furnace inducer assembly and pressure switch. part 4
13. How to service the 80% AFUE gas furnace. How to check the limit switch. Part 5
14. How to service the 80% AFUE gas furnace, check blower, clean burners and check heat exchanger. Part 6
15. How to service the 80% AFUE gas furnace. Check amp draw and bearings of the motors. Part 7
16. How to service the 80% AFUE gas furnace. Check gas input. Part 8
17. How to service the 80% AFUE gas furnace. Adjust burners and finish service. Part 9
18. Troubleshooting the inducer of the 80% efficient furnace:
19. Combustion blower runs all the time, no burner. Snyder General GUA
20. Troubleshoot the gas furnace fan
21. Why does the gas furnace short cycle?
22. The HVAC transformer
23. How to replace a transformer (without burning up the new one)
24. Gas furnace pilot relight assembly sequence of operation, troubleshoot

Furnace Blower

01. DIY Blower Wheel Replacement
02. Damaged Blower Shaft
03. American Standard Blower Wheel Replacement Part 1
04. Blower Wheels Part 2
05. HVAC Blower Wheel Adjustment
06. Dirty Blower Motor
07. Anatomy a Blower Motor: Replacement
08. HVAC Noisy Blower
09. HVAC 90%+ Heat Problem
10. HVAC Bad Gas Valve
11. HVAC another Easy One
12. Jerry Kelly HVAC Advises: Change Your Furnace's Air Filter
13. How to Change Your Furnace Filter
14. Measuring Month Old HVAC Air Filter Data
15. Wall Furnaces
16. Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage Gas Burners
17. HVAC Fixing an Intermittent Blower Relay
18. The Squirrel Cage Fan. How the Air Flow Works.
19. The Why of the Amp Draw of Furnace Blowers. Their Use in Air Handlers and Furnaces
20. Blower and Heat Exchanger Cleaning
21. How to Change the Fan motor Speed on a Gas Furnace

Gas Furnace Temperature Controls 

1. Gas furnace temperature controls
2. Heat exchanger failure diagnosis, Goodman GMP model
3. How does the gas furnace flame rod work
4. Gas furnace won't stay lit. Cleaning the flame rod
5. Troubleshooting the limit switch on the 80% AFUE gas furnace
6. Gas furnace rollout switch operation
7. How to check the flame rod on the Snyder General GUA furnace

Igniters and Pilots

8. Gas furnace spark ignition controls
9. 58SS and 58GP carrier pilot dropout
10. Carrier 58SS 58GP 3 wire pilot assembly operation
11. 58SS pilot assembly description
12. How the hot stick ignitor works on the gas furnace
13. No heat, troubleshoot the HSI on the Snyder General GUA furnace.
Gas Valve
14. How to test the gas valve on a gas furnace with an ohmmeter
15. A look at the GSI electronic manometer
16. How to check gas input pressure on the RGDA furnace
17. Gas valve troubleshoot, Snyder General GUA furnace
Gas Burners
18. Gas burner types
19. Gas furnace manifold orifice sizes and flow rates

Pressure Switch

20. Troubleshoot the pressure switch on the 80% AFUE gas furnace
21. Diagnosing pressure switch problems on gas furnacesx1k
22. How gas furnace pressure switches work:
23. How to test water column gauges for gas furnaces


24. How to troubleshoot the transformer
Furnace Problems

01. Gas Furnace Symptom of Flame Sensor Failure
02. Electronic Flame Sensor Troubleshooting for Furnace
03. Checking Pressure Switch on Gas Furnace
04. Goodman GMPN Gas Furnace Draft Inducer
05. HVAC Blower Not Working, Troubleshooting Fan Control Board
06. HVAC Testing Blower Motor Windings
07. Cracked Heat Exchanger
08. Crack Heat Exchanger
09. Home Inspection of HVAC Gas Furnace
10. Furnace and Draft Tests
11. Replacing Furnace Igniter in My Central Unit
12. Squirrel Cage Noise on Oil Furnace
13. Furnace Grinding Noise
14. Noisy Furnace
15. Furnace Replacement Demonstration - Weatherization
16. HVAC - How to Make a Return Air Grille "Shut Up"
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