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Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Carpentry for Homeowners

Book Description

Publication Date: December 15, 2007
For today's homeowner, basic carpentry skills are an absolute must. Professional handymen are in rare supply these days, and if you can find them at all, they may command exorbitant rates for work that takes just an hour or two to do. Best of all, modern tools are inexpensive and easy to use, making most home carpentry tasks a breeze to do-it-yourself. Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Carpentry for Homeowners is a down-to-earth guide to help readers solve everyday problems using the most basic of tools—hammers, saws, sanders, clamps, and screw guns. The book opens with the basics of setting up a rudimentary home workshop and learning tool basics, then moves into a lavish how-to section featuring more than 50 everyday home carpentry projects that cover just about every possibility.

Customer Review
I bought this book for a garage project of mine and the decent reviews it had. I must say the reviews are well deserved. This book offers plenty of photos and well explained "how-to" guide lines. Detailed explanation with photos of all the tools you'll need for your project. I can now do my projects with confidence considering I am a novice at carpentry. Excellent choce for novice.

Kitchens Made Simple

Book Description

Publication Date: July 15, 2011
The kitchen is the most important room in your home and this is the most important book on the topic of kitchens that you can purchase. Comprehensive, easy to follow, and insightful. Only the way Martin Stewart could write it. Includes up-to-date information on every facet of kitchen design and remodeling. Discover all of the different kitchen styles and layouts, learn about the possible options for cabinets, counters, and floors, and see the most important considerations in kitchen remodeling.

What sets this book apart from other works on the topic of kitchen design and remodeling is its in-depth coverage of every point of relevance, from cabinet door styles to the air quality impact of countertop finishes; from accessibility considerations to the 13 different kinds of traditional design; from resources for finding and selecting service professionals to average ranges for every possible cost -- no relevant design, material, appliance, or consideration is left unexplored. Whether you are contemplating your first kitchen design or are a seasoned veteran of kitchen remodeling projects, you will be will served by this wonderful book.

Customer Review
This is by far the most comprehensive guide on the topic of kitchen remodeling and design I have ever come across. Not only did it answer my questions, but it also provided a lot of additional information that I did not know about. For me, that's the mark of a quality guide - the opportunity to discover things I did not even realize made a difference. I have no idea why the book is being offered for so cheap. I could easily see myself paying $15 at a bookstore for the hardcover version. If you are planning any kind of kitchen update or redo, you should absolutely read this book. I am recommending it to all my friends.

How to Vent Microwave Range & Kitchen Hood to Outside

There are three variants apply to the kitchen’s cooking fumes removal:

  • By a kitchen hood
  • By a microwave oven hood
  • By a fan located directly in the range

Let’s consider them all one after another.

P. 1                                                                                       P. 2

Kitchen hood is a cone-shaped design (P. 1) with a fan inside or, sometimes, outside of the house. At the performance of the Rough-in:

In designated place of the interior kitchen wall install 10” (12”) x.......

This chapter describes all three cases of the kitchen vents installation: kitchen hood vent, microwave oven hood vent, and Jenn-Air fan vent; explains the roof and wall cap terminations; covers basement and attic ductwork installation. Chapter has 10 pages, 30 pictures. Price of the chapter is only $3.59. (Instant Access).

Here is what happens when a homeowner is trying to save a buck on this manual.
So, from now on he and his family will enjoy that elbow on the top of the cabinet till, well I don't know how long it's going to take to realize that this installation looks like ....!

However in his own words, at least for now, he’s really proud of himself:
“Here is what I have so far with my semi-rigid connection secured with 6" stainless steel clamps... didn't turn out as bad as I thought.” – Good luck with it…

Instant Access:

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List of YouTube Videos

01. How to Install New Panasonic NN-SD277WR Microwave
02. Improperly Installed Microwave Found by Madison MS Home Inspector
03. Replacing Microwave Wave Guide Cover
04. Microwave Fixing
05. Range Hood Installation
06. Kitchen Cabinet Installation
07. Vent-A-Hood Introduces Duct-Free ARS Hoods
08. Vent-A-Hood Company History
09. Vent-A-Hood University
10. Kitchen Equipment: The Range Hood
11. Veneto European Range Hood Wall Mount B2W
12. PLZW Range Hood Install Slide Show
13. Do It Yourself Kitchen Installation - Part I
14. Do It Yourself Kitchen Installation Part II
15. Do It Yourself Kitchen Install Part III
16. Range Hood, To Circulate or Not Circulate
Haier 1.6 Cubic Feet Microwave

Product Description
This Haier 1.6 cubic feet capacity over-the-range microwave features 1000-watt of cooking power to complement any menu, electronic touch controls with 10 power levels and 3 one touch menu buttons, with 2 speed exhaust fan. This unit is built to work as a ducted or non-ducted ventilation, and is supplied with charcoal filter. Features: 1.6 cubic feet. Capacity; 1000 watts of cooking power; non-sensor cooking; 13.6-inch Diameter turntable; 10 power levels; 3 one-touch cooking features; auto reheat; auto and time defrost; kitchen timer; 300 cfm ventilation power; charcoal filter included; 2 speed fan; ducted / non-ducted capable.

Customer Review
I installed this myself from start to finish including running the electric. That said, overall, I think the installation was about as easy as it possibly could have been. The mounting templates could have been a bit better, but overall, for the price and the power of this microwave, it's fairly robust. Not the most stylish thing, but not an eyesore either. I'd definitely buy again.

Buy this microwave below

Amana 1.5 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave

Product Description
This over-the-range microwave does double duty in style. With the sleek silhouette created by a hidden vent, you almost forget it is a vent fan for your range, too. And the interior easily holds and heats large serving bowls and platters of food.

Customer Review
The microwave has more than enough options, bells, whistles and gizmos on it, and has a sleek design. The 1.5 cubic foot interior is plenty large for our use (the retired microwave was only 1 cubic foot and adequate) It does everything we desire from a microwave and is simple to operate. I don't remember the specifications saying it is equipped for either recycling or outside exhaust, but it is.

There are only two things I would change on it if I were designing it but not major considerations. 1. It would be nice to be able to turn off the turntable, but it's not a big deal to take it out on occasion for larger oblong or rectangular containers. 2. The beeps it makes upon setting and completion are pretty loud. You can turn them off if desired, but I'd prefer to keep them on ... would just love to have a little volume control.

If it's still operating after five years of use I'd say we absolutely love it.

Buy this microwave below


Kitchen Smart: Cabinets

Book Description
Publication Date: July 15, 2011 The Kitchen Smart books are among the most up-to-date and well-researched series available that deal with kitchen remodeling and design issues. With more than half of a typical kitchen budget devoted to cabinets, it is no surprise that the first volume deals exclusively with this critical design component. This book is incredibly thorough, exploring every topic of importance, from different construction methods to available material options to various door styles to hardware and finish possibilities to the trade-offs among RTA, stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets. Additionally, a great deal of practical advice is offered regarding ways to maximize storage space and accessibility, to save costs, and to deal effectively with service professionals.

Customer Review

Here I see the author has gone and upped the ante with an unbelievably comprehensive and detailed guide to cabinets. As everyone knows, cabinets are the most expensive part of a kitchen and before I dropped a small fortune I wanted to be sure I knew what I was getting myself into. I tried looking up some information online, tried reading some general kitchen guides, but all of that paled in comparison with this informative and well-written book. Definitely recommend.
Taunton's Trim Complete: Expert Advice from Start to Finish

Book Description

Publication Date: January 1, 2008
"Trim Complete" covers those important finishing touches that give a house a one-of-a-kind personality: trim and molding. An expert carpenter, Greg Kossow presents a vibrantly visual guide that details every possible project, from the most basic baseboards, to the most complicated casings. He tackles real-world situations with authoritative advice, never failing to address how to solve problems when things do go wrong. The book's ingenious design makes it a snap to find the relevant information for each project and Kossow includes a crystal-clear table of contents. Plus, unlike most other books that only deal with basic carpentry, "Trim Complete" includes hard-to-find advice on complex crown molding and making custom molding.

Customer Review

I have many Taunton publishing books and as usual the photography is excellent! I have looked at other trim books and usually they are full of 'line' drawings. There is nothing like a great pic to illustrate how a project is being done.
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