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On-Site Training   

Basically the on-site training it's what normally any HVAC company would do to train their installers, so why bother? Well, because it's just utterly ineffective!

Let's say you've been hired, came to the jobsite, your "trainer" who was trained the same way a few month (years) ago and who doesn't know too much will show you how this or that should be done. Immediately you will start doing that and by the time you'll learn a couple more things everything that you've learned before is already gone and you'll start invent your own unique way of installation that of course is completely wrong!

The matter of fact is that in this business not too many people stay long enough to obtain good installation practices and because there is not a comprehensive nationwide ductwork installation guide (unfortunately mine, so far, doesn't become that popular) the knowledge of your potential trainer might be very sketchy...

The on-site training that I would provide is quite a bit different:

First off you will get my Ductwork Installation Guide e-book and study it for two weeks.

After you'll get this initial knowledge you will come to the job-site I'm currently working at and during the day watch me working. While doing that you will comment every step of installation and at the end of the day I'll let you put your hands on some basic stuff such as cutting duct and pipes, putting duct and pipes together and so on.

This on-site training will continue for six days - usually I spend three days for the basement job, so during six days you will watch me doing two basement jobs.

On the last - seventh day, under my supervision you will do everything yourself .

This is my plan and most likely the company I'm currently working for may interview you before and/or after the completion.

The price for my training is only $200 that include an access to my Ductwork Installation Guide e-book ($89.99).

If you are interested please fill out the email application below.


Today, 03/01/2016, I’ve received this message: 


As you may already know, ARS’s Central Division rolled out an Employee Referral Program last year in an effort to increase the number of qualified candidates being hired in our branches by empowering our current employees to refer their friends, family, and former co-workers.  Since that rollout, many new faces have joined ARS so we are RE-LAUNCHING the program with even better incentives just in time for spring! 

Here is how it works:

Check out for the open positions in your branch OR lookout for monthly emails from me highlighting PRIORITY positions by branch.

Tap into your network of friends, family, former co-workers, or a salesperson you’ve encountered you could not say “no” to! 

Use social media to “share” open positions to your friends, family, former colleagues.

If you know someone who may be a fit for ARS and are unsure if they could fill an open position, Submit It Anyway!

If they would make a Great ARS Employee, all you have to do is submit an Employee Referral Submittal form (attached) with the name, contact information, and resume (if applicable) of your referral and submit to the Department Manager or your branch General Manager. Your Department Manager and/or General Manager guarantees your referral an interview!

Should your referral join ARS, you will receive an employee referral bonus of $1,000.00 after he/she completes only 30 days of employment!

All permanent, FT and PT employees are eligible for the program.  Employees may refer candidates for any department and/or branch in the Central Division.  The full bonus amount and early payout applies to Priority positions only.  

So, this is good news for all of us! Now I can train you for free!

Here is how it may works:

You pay me $200 and I’ll train you. After I receive $1000.00 bonus money I’ll return your money back! 


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